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Auvo is the man behind our OMER diving gear. He has the best equipment at very affordable prices. He sells the gear from an old library bus on Wednesday evenings. We trust in Omer equipment because underwater looks are everything.

Baltic Herring
In the beginning of the 90's depression hit Finland harder than ever. For this we blame the Russians (ryssien syytä). They just stopped buying our overpriced goods. To make ends meet the Prime Minister Harri Holkeri advised the to poor to eat Baltic herring to keep them from starving. This was a critical mistake. This lead to dioxin poisoning among the weakened unemployed. Many of the people are still without help from the government. Baltic herring is one of the most delicious fish in our beloved Baltic Sea. Unfortunately due to it's high fat content it gathers dioxin. We try to shoot only the young herrings (under 17cm) because they contain much less dioxin (3-5 times less). The unfortunate truth is that no one should eat Baltic herring more than once a month.

Death Valley
The most dangerous place underwater in Finland. The hunters of the Baltic Sea gather here by the hundreds in the fall. These pikes rise from the depths of the sea after midnight so they are never caught by the cast fishermen. Huge pikes lie in the shallow waters between the seaweed bushes and wait for prey. You don't want to be the next meal on their menu. Night fishing at it's best!

Dioxin is the highly toxic poison that is causing all kinds of harmful effects to our bodies and fellow sea creatures. Chlorated dioxins are the worst of the known super poisons. They originate from the chemical industry. In Finland it means the forest industry. The world's largest occurrence of dioxin is found in the bed of the river Kymi that flows to the Baltic Sea. This creates a huge threat of an environmental catastrophe. For a long time it was unsure weather dioxin was a safe compound or not. Nowadays studies have shown that it is very harmful and long-term effects are very serious. There is no safe amount of dioxin and the tolerance depends a lot on the individual. Compared to e.g. nicotine it is 1000 times more poisonous. Dioxin is classified as a super poison. A dosage 0.01mg in the mouth is enough to kill an adult.
One of the characteristics of the super poisons is that they dissolve in greases e.g mothers milk. When a contaminated mother breastfeeds her children the poison get carried to the child. It is unknown how these poisons act but it could be that they might act as estrogene hormone in women causing more girls to be born or just weird behavior. For men this causes weak sperm cells. Exposures to super poisons reflect also in the formation of teeth and they increase the possibility to get kidney and blood cancer. The effects are most harmful to small children and fetuses. The amount of poison accumulates in the food chain similar to the way as with DDT. The poison builds up to the end of the food chain where humans for example are. In fish this is especially the case with e.g. salmon, trout and baltic herring. In normal conditions humans obtain dioxin from fish with high contents of grease and contaminated meat.

Information technology guru who is building up our site, he comes from Mäntsälä, which is the center of high technology in Finland.

Haluutsä mun numeron?
Want my number? A French saying translated into Finnish. Just means that this person wants to have sex with you, nothing else. The reason why Matti has so many French telephone numbers in his second-hand Nokia Zippo (retail price $799 plus tax).

Chairman Rapo (age 35) from team kampela, won an award at the annual nature photography competition 2000. This year he aims to shake hands again at Finlandia-house with some amazing underwater pictures of a hylje (seal). We have spent many hours playing with these amazing creatures this spring (01). The clearest pictures are yet to come this fall, so be ready. The seal is the only wild animal that is not afraid of people and likes to play around with us. If they are eating fish from your nets, you may spend a minute figuring out who was there first.

Iso B (capital B)
Diver's black out when they excessively breathe before dives. This sudden loss of consciousness occurs when the diver reaches the surface.

Insomnia is caused by the high dosages of dioxin and other harmful chemicals in our blood after a lot of diving. The worst case is clearly Pyli, who hardly sleeps any more. In addition this green water hunter has to drink at least 2 liters of water every night just to stay hydrated.

Jäitä hattuun
A Formula-1 commentator term when victory and fame seem inevitable and a sudden loss of concentration could be fatal. Formula 1 * Mika Häkkinen uses ice to cool his head when leading by more than 10 sec.

A diving technique in which an additional weight (4-6kg) is used to take the diver into the depths. Extends the bottom time and increases the depth of the dives.

Kelp is originally seaweed that lives of the coast of Norway. It likes the salty waters and strong currents. The waves and kelp create this dancing effect to the sea, which is visible in the pictures we have taken in Norway. To tell the pictures in question, look for blue water because in Finland the water is greenish. The only place is Finland to see kelp is on the back of Wege when he dives at Mäkelänrinne. Wege is partly malminkreikkalainen, (latino) so he is very hairy (ryijyttynyt).

Korppoo, Älvsjö
One of the best spear fishing spots in Finland. Great visibility and a lot of good spots for pike, white fish and trout. The owner of this island built 12 cabins on a swamp and lost his money on Wall Street. See pictures!

The summer cottage of Antto is located here. Famous for several good pike places and an excellent night dive location. After night dives we have a street party for everyone with music played from car stereos.

A drink that is taken before going to sleep. Contains 50-70g of soy protein and 5-7dl of water. Helps to recover from the cold and polluted waters (the Baltic Sea is the most polluted sea in the world). Helps to gain mental strength and increases the number of dreams. The drink forms into a ball in the stomach and digests slowly. Super manly feeling in the morning.

The famous 11,5kg pike that was caught at Porkkala, Fall 2000 by Fro. It was clear that this fish should not leave the Baltic Sea without a name. Later a party was organized to celebrate this rare occasion and Lasse was eaten after having spent 6months in the freezer.

Lobster is the name of our new inflatable dildo. This 40-horse power Zodiac with all the latest high-tech will surely help us catch the big perches in the fall as they gather in large schools. Since the 4-stroke engine barely uses gasoline, the government should ask for some kind of extra tax (nelitahtivero e.g.). It's environmentally insane.

A Finnish movie that has changed the lives of several members. A must for all people who's lives have lost meaning.

Linna shampoo
By far the best lubricant to use when putting on the diving suit.

This term refers to the Finnish diving association, which is often contacted when competition gets ugly. See also uudet tuulet.

The reading lamp keeps divers awake when the unwritten laws of the hunters are broken. History tells that when Pasi shot his first territorial fish Mero is Spain his reading light was on until sunrise.

Illegal. Equipment that is too good is taken away to avoid unfair competition. The list includes carbon/ice fins, Omer Excalibur carbon spear gun and Gore-TexÆ clothing.

Murtovesi (brackish water) Murtovesi is salt water, which is mixed with fresh water. The whole Baltic Sea is almost like a big lake with little salt in it. This is the reason why the codfish does not live here at the moment, They need more salt in the water to reproduce. That is also the reason why the members of team Kampela often smuggle salt from the local supermarket to the sandy bottoms to our fishing areas. We hope that this would make the water saltier. Eventually this would lead to the increase of size of the fish.

Mäkelänrinne Mäkelänrinne is the place where we train diving and holding breath during the winter months. It has a 25-meter swimming pool that is 5 meters deep everywhere - only NASA could provide us with a better pool. We train there every Sunday from 19.00-21.00 when the sea is frozen. Most of our pool pictures are taken there and you can see that the water is crystal clear. Mäkelänrinne also has an amazing veronmaksajien alue ('tax payers area') where you can take relaxing water massages.

Näätä lataus There are two different pull-strengths to which the speargun can be loaded. The Näätä position is for the storytellers. "It was huge but the arrow never quite made it through flesh".

Nykänen, Matti
The best athlete of all time in the modern Winter Olympics. A role model among Finnish youth. Has been able to lead a very successful life after ending his unrivalled career in ski jumping. Multi talented person, now deeply religious.

A nuclear power plant where the divers from Rauma go to hunt in the stream from the turbine. A de Lux spot for hunting trout and other species, which enjoy the warm cooling water from the turbines. Several record fish have been caught here. The RMSK divers take photos of the fish wearing hats for laughter. See pictures!

Pieps järvi
A huge lake in Estonia with very little fish in it, however a competition is held there yearly since 1972. In year 2000 team kampela visited this crazy place but had no say in the competition. The Estonians and Russians had a big home advantage. All of the fish were blind and full of worms.

One of Team Kampela's home bases. JK's summer place is here and so is our inflatable boat. Best fishing in the end of the summer and late fall. Only an hour from the center of Helsinki and you are at some of the best spots in Finland for pike, white fish and perch. This area was occupied by the Russian's after WW2 and they left it after setting it on fire. When our Estonian friends come here we toast this shared memory. A tip to those traveling to Estonia: When something goes wrong, be it anything imaginable, always blame the Russians.

The cellar where we keep our equipment, watch foto's and just hang out after long trips. Decorated by Matti this pit is a real home of Finnish Spearfishing history.

The inflatable boat owned by Rapo. Piikkari follows us on all of our trips. Not high-tech but has done the job so far.

Divers that use tanks to get to depths. This type of diving is dangerous and harmful to one's health. Pullopelleilijät spend very little time underwater and move like wheelchair patients. Zero respect!

Second biggest lake in Finland where Pyli's summer cottage is located. Clear and deep waters. Summer 2000 Maza cought an eal that was 45 years old, 115 cm long and weighted 2,2 kg.

Röhrin lamppu
The Finnish movie director lent Antto his lamp for one weekend and we were blinded as he turned on the light. This high-tech light was just out of this world. You were a god underwater.

Rakkolevä is the most beautiful underwater plant in the Baltic Sea. Other dictionaries mistake rakkolevä as kelp but this is a huge mistake. Almost like mistaking us with scuba divers (neon colors). If you are depressed just look at this plant you will become cheerful again. In ancient Finnish mythologies Rakkolevä has played an important role among the fishermen, which have had problems with getting an erection. At the moment rakkolevä is living the most difficult times in its history. The polluted sea together with the increased growth of the rihmalevät is suffocating the beautiful rakkolevä bushes. Team kampela loves these flowers of the sea. They also play an important part in the reproduction of many fish and other species.

With this we mean a slimy species of seaweed that has taken over most parts of the bottom of the sea. It is everywhere and it has become almost impossible to find clean rakkolevä, rock or sandy bottoms in the sea anywhere, even in Hanko. This is caused by high concentrations of nutrients in the water. Nitrogen and phosphate are the worst. They come from wastewater, agriculture and fish farming.

When a dive is continued for too long a period the body starts cramping due to loss of oxygen. Looks like you are doing salsa underwater. Often caused also by hyperventilating before a dive.

A German word for shit. Most often used for bad visibility underwater. Other meanings as tired, sad or the need to shit are also in regular use.

A must for all freedivers. The Suunto Stinger is a wrist computer watch for freedivers and divers alike. Ads to the pleasure and excitement when you can check out the details of every dive.

A very famous rowing competition in Finland which has given it's name to our fitness rowing test. A real test for those that have been taking it easy during winter practice.

A shower from a plastic tank after freezing winter dives. The hotter the water the better. The water is around 1-6 Celsius and the air even colder.

Suomalaiset kissat
A term used for girls with thighs shorter than 60cm and hair that is army length. Usually accompanied by excessive masculinity.

This term is used whenever anything takes too long. Fixing out stuff is somewhere close to what we mean. Closely linked with anything Antto does.

A way of eating where taste does not play a significant role.

Taneli, Juhani ja Pääkok
Our Estonian spearfishing friends who get all our respect. After last years Peips Cup they came over to Finland to compete at the Hanko cup. Taneli is their chief and he is a fireman. He has trained a wolf to guard his property. Pääkok is the best salt cucumber and saslik cook in the Baltic countries. Juhani has competed longer than any of us has lived. They are all gurus in catching burbots and for that you have to know the secret spots.

Tarkastaa tilit
As gas is so expensive in Finland we all pay our own expenses. But sometimes you run into problems when your checks are bouncing. As this happens you can get extra time to check your accounts. With some people such as Wege this might take up to a year.

Tony Dunderfeldt
A Finnish relationship guru. Has helped us in numerous ways in the most challenging relationships with females. Gives great help for tough situations like how to come home from an exhausting weekend or what to say when she thinks you're not interested in her knitting projects.

In the most difficult situations there is only one way of leadership that does the job. At Team Kampela we have found that former communist Nicu Tsausesqu style suits us best and Matti sure knows how to imitate. Try asking him to imitate a Norwegian private detective.

Uudet tuulet
New Winds/Nya Blåser. It used to be all about competing but now it's hail Olympic spirit. It can also be summarized with more beer, chewing tobacco and drugs. It has evolved into a new way of living. Now even at the gym we train only the muscles that stimulate women.

The estate wagon that made Kampela into what it is today. Formerly owned by Rapo but now Antto sits on the drivers seat. Inside of the car is extremely humid and the smell closely resembles a breeze from the sea.

Vanhat jämät
With this we mean a sore feeling in the muscles after heavy duty training or diving. Matti was the first to discover this feeling when he first started training his ruler-like bicep. The first hour of the second day of a two-day competition is a real battle against vanhat jämät. New girlfriends also often have vanhat jämät when they mention their old boyfriend every hour.

When Markus, Harri and Tuomas joined the Team they were first known as the equipment gang. It took some time for us to get to know that they never had any equipment in the first place. Now the term refers to members that carry extra gear to events.

Zettis is a trout guru and a fellow fisher friend. He catches his trout's in the muddy, or let's say polluted waters in front of the capital city Helsinki. We dream of one day taking pictures of ourselves as he has of himself, holding several fat predators with the smallest just over 3,2 kg.

Sukelluskalastus, Vedenalainen kalastus, UV-kalastus, Harppuuna kalastus, Harppuuna, Räpylä uinti, Spearfishing, Underwater hunting, Speargun, Blue water hunting, Chasse sous-marine, Pesca submarina, Spearfishing in Finland, Utten vatten fiske, UV-jakt