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(English version partially outdated)

1. Applying of these rules
These rules will apply in any spearfishing competition organized by Finnish Divers' Federation or any diving club operating under its mandate in Finland. These rules were officially accepted in the committee meeting on 18.3.2006.

2. Responsibility
The Finnish Divers' Federation the organizers of a competition or the competition management shall, unless specifically stated otherwise, not be liable or responsible, including liability for negligence for any loss of or damage to the competitors equipment or accidents happening before, during and after competition. Each competitor competes at one's own risk.

3. Competition board and jury
Competition board must include: head judge, secretary, safety manager and scale official. One person can be pointed for several responsibilities (but minimum is three officials). Safety manager must have a fast boat and first-aid kit and skills. The competition jury (minimum three persons) consists of the head judge, safety manager and the representatives of competing clubs (countries). Representatives (minimum three persons) must be chosen meeting before the competition.

4. Competitors
Competitor has to show the certificate of paid fishery fee (if not paid by organizers) and competition license (not in international competition) during the enrolment. Competitors under 18 years must also have parent's acceptance to participate. Children under 15 years can not participate.
The competitors create teams of two or three people including the captain. One club (country) can have many teams, unless the amount of competitors is limited. The team members must be from same club, except the national team. It is not allowed to fix the assembly of the team during the competition without head judge's permission.

5. Changes in rules
Competition board may make temporary changes to the basic rules if every club/country accepts them.

6. Competition time
The competitions for Nordic, International and Finnish Championships last for two days. The competition jury decides the length of the competition at least two hours before the scheduled competition start. In the Nordic and Finnish championship competitions the competition time is 6-12 hours. If the competition has to be stopped because of the bad weather or some other reason, the result of the competition stays official if the total competition time exceeds four hours. If the competition has to be stopped, the competition head judge makes the decision.

7. The competition area
The organizer chooses the competition area. The exact location is announced by the competition board. Competitor fishing or swimming outside the area will be disqualified. It is forbidden to visit the competition area before the competition day and the previous 3 days with speargun.

8. Equipment
The competitor has one or more spearguns working with rubber sling, pressured air or spring. The speargun must be loaded with competitors own muscular-power only, without help from others. Arrow of the speargun must be single tipped.
Competitor must have basic equipment (mask, snorkel, fins), suit, weight belt, knife and voluntarily: lamp and floating west. The competitor must use brightly colored (if possible bright orange ) floating buoy that is equipped with international or A-signal divers flag. The buoy must support diver and his equipment on water. The buoy must be moved by swimming and with muscular-power only. The string of the buoy must be strong.
The string must be attached to the competitor or his speargun. Speargun must be loaded only under water. It is forbidden to keep a speargun loaded on the surface of water.
All equipment and fish must be carried with the competitor when he arrives to the goal.

9. Start and end of competition
The way of starting and ending of competition will be decided by the competition head judge. The competitors must return to the start/finnish zone before competition time ends, unless otherwise ordered. If competitor arrives late he will be disqualified.

10. Fishing
The fish must killed immediately and not be put under excessive pain and suffering. The handing over or exchange of fish is prohibited among the competitors. Any kind of co-operation between the competitors is not allowed unless an accident has occurred. Competitors can be passed swimming nearby but fishing can not be started when closer than 30m from the other competitor. A competitor will be disqualified if he/she catches a fish by illegal means or brings back a fish that was dead before being caught. Competing with fraud means will result in disqualification and suspension from competitions.

11. Placing
The individual placing will be calculated according to the points of each competitors catches - fish points, weight points and bonus points.
The team placing will be calculated by summing up the points scored by competitors of same team.
In case of a tie, the competitor or team with largest number of legal catches will be the winner. In case of a further tie, the competitor or team with the highest weighing catch will be the winner.
Complaints have to submitted in writing to head judge, not later than half an hour after the publication of the results. The filing of a complaint must be accompanied by a deposit of 50 €. If the complaint is rejected, the deposit of 50 € will be returned immediately.

12. Competition fish and points
The competition board can make changes on the points given for fish regarding species, points and minimum size. Possible changes have to be announced in the info meeting held prior to the competition. The organizer for the competition is responsible that the fish are taken care of and eaten or donated for a good cause.

Points for the fish:
SpeciesPts. 1 fish Min. size
Flatfish (flounder)6 22 cm (Dödören cup 25 cm)
Turbot6 30 cm
Ide0 30 cm
Eel6 40 cm
Perch6 22 cm
Ruf6 18 cm
Baltic herring6 20 cm
Rudd6 22 cm
Roatch (Roach family)6 22 cm
Cod6 30 cm
Burbot6 30 cm
Bream6 35 cm
Pikepearch6 37 cm
Pike6 42 cm (only 5 biggest count)
Garpike (belone belone)6 42 cm
Whitefish15 30 cm
Rainbow trout15 30 cm
Sea trout15 50 cm
Salmon15 60 cm

In addition to the points given to species of the fish additional points are given according to the weight of the fish. One point is given for every starting 100 grams. The maximum amount on points for weight is 30 (3kg). In addition to the species and weight points bonus points are given on the basis of the amount of different species caught.

The amount of species  Points
3 different species 15 bonus points
4 different species 25 bonus points
5 different species 35 bonus points
6 different species 45 bonus points
7 different species 55 bonus points
8 different species 65 bonus points

All the fish that are caught take part in the competition for the biggest fish. Other possible fish species are for the board to decide upon.

These rules can be downloaded as printable PDF file (111 kB):

Sukelluskalastus, Vedenalainen kalastus, UV-kalastus, Harppuuna kalastus, Harppuuna, Räpylä uinti, Spearfishing, Underwater hunting, Speargun, Blue water hunting, Chasse sous-marine, Pesca submarina, Spearfishing in Finland, Utten vatten fiske, UV-jakt