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Spearfishing in Finland (North-Karelia, Joensuu)

Posted: 6.9.2013 9:53:48
by toomas1234

Do you know about spearfishing places in North-Karelia or do you know someone from this region who does spearfishing?

I moved to Joensuu in the middle of August and I would REALLY like to know where I can go spearfishing. I have been looking at some lakes but it is nearly impossibly to find a good place on my own. So, if you have any knowledge of lakes or rivers around Joensuu I would be very happy if you share some knowledge with me!

Thanks in advance,

Posted: 10.9.2013 22:16:06
by jusbru
I've heard "leinosenlampi", for example, to have quite bright waters, but i've never tried that, nor I'm there to find out. Does anyone have any further information?

Posted: 12.9.2013 17:35:35
by toomas1234
I've been to leinosenlampi two times now. There visibility at the moment is 2-2,5 m. I've seen couple of 1 kg pikes but thats it. Does anyonw know places where I can find eels in this region?