Spearfishing in Finland

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Spearfishing in Finland

Postby Tadas » 18.12.2014 20:55:09

Hello, i'm writing from Lithuania me and my spearfishing club "Neriam" wanna make trip to Finland. Can u guys give us some advise? We wannt to know how much cost lisense spearfishing for one weak. Where is allowed spearfishing? Is it allowed spearfishing only in day time? Where we can hunt? Mayby u guys can recomend some camp's or something like that? Thank u all a lot.
p.s. our website http://www.neriam.lt

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Postby Maza » 25.12.2014 15:53:13

Good time is may and june…

http://kartat.fiwww.mihin.fi/fi/mihin/y ... gory_id=24

You can fish also at night time.

Here is one good place what you should try to rent…

call this number….


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