Situation report, Kimi

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Situation report, Kimi

Postby Maza » 11.9.2010 10:09:20

Suomi, Finland, Člžđšprk!

Here we are, getting into the groove of the Adriatc sea. Clear waters with visibilities of ca. 20m. Not too much fish, but there are some fish. In scouting I found some conger eels at around 20-25m, so lets hope they stay put for the competition. The water is surprisingly cold, about 19, and getting colder withthe north wind. The thermocline is also super sharp and about 15 degrees below it!

Yesterday we went fishing and I caught a 600-700gr sargo and three congers. The biggest one competition size, ca. 3kg and two smaller ones. Good to train the shooting of these hole dwelling cobras! I fucked up one spear already on these guyz!

Diving is beautiful but the fishing is difficult. Pete has gotten into the groove as well, doing his thing you know. Pete is the definition of calm and self secure fishing. He found some fish in the shallows where no one else could find them. GO Petter!

The wind is bad right now, hard from the north and that will make todays work difficult. Were heading out with Pertza now, Juha will rest today and give you a more artistic report of our situation. All in all were in good shape, Perza is also diving super good, almost 3 minutes and down to 25m!

Although the Adriatic sea is difficult to fish we are hopeful and will not give up until the fat merman sings! The organisaqtion seems good and we will move to the competition village on the 14th, now were living in a suoer good and cheap apartment of Mikki, the boss. Perza has charmed all the fruitgirls and found a new friend called Tomišlav!

More reports when ever I get the chance to get on the web. hard work and no rest makes us content and hopeful for the competition ahead!

U redu, thats all for now!



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