Report 3, Kimi

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Report 3, Kimi

Postby Maza » 13.9.2010 10:14:53

Dobar dan!

Sorry for regressing into Finnish yesterday, I guess diving has taken its toll!

Ok, so far we have some conger eel on the first days area, and yesterday we set out for Unije (Suom: mentihi Unajaha), the second days area. This is a much more beautiful area with lot of extremely cool dropoffs going from 10 to 40m. Also a ship wreck lay just below a 20 meter shelf. We did find some congers, but nothing more. Small sargos all over. Tapsa was on fire and found 3 congers. I found 2 but one was small. The other one was a big one at 25m. It was in a very tight hole, so Ill have to give it some thought as how to take it out from that crevasse.

The weather has been pretty windy and the small ribs have had some difficulty getting through the rough seas. Today the weather looks really promising with very little wind and lots of sunshine. I think well hit the east side of Unije today in hope of more fish.

So, we mark all the fish in GPS devices. In electronics we trust, and all that, you know. Well yesterday gave me a rude awakening from that fantasy, as my beloved GPS device went completely nuts. You can imagine the feeling after all those hours of looking for a few F:ing fish. Well the home made engineer as I am (yeah right!), I carefully opened that damned device only to find it full of salty salty sea water. GREAT! I used high tech cleaning materials (i.e. shit tickets = toilet paper) to clean the entrails of my Gps. Now its kinda working but Im going to write down all the coordinates on trustworthy paper from now on.

Que mas?

Tomorrow we leave our beloved seaside palace and return to the capitalists over at Aurora. Too bad, but at least we get to meet all the other teams, which is always enjoyable!

Ok, the troops are getting restless and require me to return to base for the execution of our next operation to ensure the death of more fish.

Hvala liepa!

Kimi, Croatia, over and out.

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