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Report Kimi 4

Postby Maza » 14.9.2010 10:44:15

Good morning!

Yesterday we had great weather with clam winds and sunshine. So off we went to Unije. This day proved a bit disheartening at first, at least for me. Pertsa saw some dentex pretty early on and that lifted the spirits a bit, but to get those fish in the competition requires also some luck. 60 boats soaring around all the shallows will definetly make them more timid.

I found some sargos but they were not in a good cave, but just under ledges, so I doubt that they will pay off in the comp, but worth checking. We looked for congers all day, but found none! Lots of rick but no perfect holes.

Juha also saw some dentex in the afternoon, but they kept their distance. Just before quitting for the day I hit a jack pot (at least in my books its is what it is). Gliding in the current at 17m I saw deeper down a rock ledge and turned toward it. Then some shapes appeared and I thought them to be those very common wrasse, but at a closer look they had white edges on their pectoral fins, Corbas! Up for air and down again. There they were hanging out beside their home rock. I could have shot a 2kg corba on that dive. The second dive I went down to check the crevices into which some of the fished fled. There were Corbas in every opening at least five of them but I guess upto ten could be there. The top pf the rock is at 27m and has some openings. The third dive I went to the side of the rock and more corbas were there, together with some sargos, this dive went to 28,5m, so it will take some careful diving in the competition. Im happy to have seen this sight! Beautiful fish, beautiful place!

Now we go fishing with Tapsa and Pete and then we move from Mikkis place to the resort Aurora, not the best of options but all the teams are there. Yesterday the ladies down stairs cooked us a super calamari dinner.
Pertsa is getting nervous, gotta go!

Suomi, Finland, Klipofćć!


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