About the waters in Mali Losinj, Kimi

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About the waters in Mali Losinj, Kimi

Postby Maza » 16.9.2010 12:51:13

Hi again,

A little bit of a picture of the fishing and the waters over here:

Visibiliteis vary from 20 to 25 meters, so its very clear waters. There is a quite sharp thermocline, which is usually at 10-20m depth depending on the current. Below teh thermocline the water is pretty cold, about 16. At depth, when the suit is compressed that temperature feels cold. So, the first dives of the day are always a bit painful, when you see the thermocline and know that you have to push through to the cold water. Later in the day nothing matters but the main aim, to find fish!

The shores are
in many places surprisingly shallow, so that lots of places have posidonia grass on sand, not many fish to be had there. So we look for rocks. The rocks can be very big and look solid, but are often hollow and full of crevaces, a bit like a chunk of cheese. The congers like those holes and passages and thats what weve been looking for.

Some areas have really beautifull dropoffs going straight from the surface to 40m. Those walls are full of sponges and other sea life, but not too many competition sized fish. We have also seen some wrecks and other beautiful dive sights, so all in all good stuff, but not too much fish.

The happy thing is that Ive been able to catch fish every time we went out to try our guns. Noe for the competition I hope the congers I ve spotted are in those holes, because weve only had 5 full days of scouting, which in these waters is pretty much nothing. No matter, we are full of fighting spirit and charged with energy. This will be a hard competition for most athletes. Daniel Gospič, Mali Losinjs own boy is natrurally at an advantage to us others, as hes lived and fished all his life in the competition zones. He is definetly one of the favourites.

Team Finland will go on as a team, fighting together as a group. For now we are not individualsits. Our team has a variety of characters, ranging from the artisically insane (for those readers who are afflicted with the ability to read Finnish you can get a taste of what I mean in the posts of my dear team mate right here in this section of the Meza board!), to the hyperactive strategist, right through to the black horse superstars with lots of trick up their sleeves. Our fishing deths range all the way down to 30m, which for a contry like our own is respectable. However, depth is not all, we also have the calm lutherran attitude, believing in the fish despite all difficulties.

Ok, thats all for now, and more than just stories of Croation waters. I cant help but express my positive attitude toward the Finnish team, and the Finnish spearfishing culture, which is currently living its golden days... and more will come, just you wait and see! If not this year or next, but were building something here, in which I hope we all can believe and trust in reaching!

Un abrazo,


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