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Postby Maza » 14.9.2011 19:13:56

Here we are! And the Atlantic Ocean is showing its power. Yesterday and today we were diving at the 4 meters waves. Visibility at the coastline 0,5 meters. At the 17 meters and more visibility is 2 meters. So it is very important that in the team there is also a 2 guys whic can easily dive more than 20 meters. We were fishing with Eliel yesterday at 24 meters and we shoot 5 fish. There was no other spearfishers at the sea yesterday. Only Eliel and me. You can ask Eliel about that day.

Team Finland is starting with the following guys:

Eliel Kilkki
Matti Pyykko
Jukka Levonen

Petri nieminen or Niklas Saari will fish on sunday. Niklas have some ears problems.....

TEAM FINLAND IS STRONGGG, but we just have to fokus on the easy fishin ( if it is possible ). Team Turkey were crying and Team Algeria we preaying that thre will be better visibility.

And luckyly we just talked with one local spearfisher, and he says that they maybe will use reserve zone on sunday. So a lot of work for tomorrow also!!!!!

Please send as energy!!!!



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