This was it!

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This was it!

Postby Maza » 19.9.2011 8:41:32

Great competition and I did my best result. I was at number 13. Even I didnt get any fish at the day 1. The day one was horrible. I can still understand who was the person who sent us to that shit zone. Because there was a reserve zone with plenty of clear water. Fucken CMAS politics. Anyway, the second day was just perfect for me. Visibility 3-5 meters, a lot of current, fish scary but still at the place. It was like Norwegian style, batle, batlle and batlle. all the time 4 guys fishing just beside you.

I got at the second day 4 Mullets, 1 Sargo, 1 Sea Bass and 5 Salpas. So it was great. I really like to spearfish at Atlantic. So Portugal is with the Norway the best spot in Europe. But unfortanetly the team Finland didint do very well so we were not reaching our goal. We were not at the best 10 teams.

But next time.....


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