Tehokkaat harppuunat avomerikalastukseen

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Tehokkaat harppuunat avomerikalastukseen

Postby KayakDiver » 3.11.2018 7:13:08

Olisin kiinnostunut teidän kokemuksista avomerikalastukseen soveltuvista harppuunoista. Itselläni ei ole vielä ns. 7 m etäisyydeltä tehokkaaseen läpäisyyn pystyvää harppuunaa. Omat tehokkaimmat harppuunat ovat tällä hetkellä Seatec TRB Gabbiano 90cm 1x16mm, Omer x 90cm 2x16mm kumeilla ja Black Master 106cm 1x20mm kumilla. Olen aikeissa hankkia laadukkaan atlantille (kanarian saarille/azoreille) sopivan suolaajan + 20 kg kaloille.

Komposiitti harppuuna kiinnostaa enemmän kuin puinen lakattu iroko tms.

Viritysneuvoja kaipaisin: harppuunan nuoli suoraan poijuun vai nuoli - harppuuna - poiju ketjutus.

Reels are best suited to smaller fish.

https://wildblue.co.nz/News/Equipment+I ... gging.html
Here we will discuss the various ways of holding onto your spear. The most common rig is to have your spear attached to the muzzle of your gun then a thin rope running from the handle of your gun to a float on the surface.
Whichever method you choose here are a few golden rules:
1. Never, ever attach anything to yourself.
2. Always have a line attached to your spear that is at least as long as the depth you are diving. This is so if you shoot a hard-fighting fish or a fish holes up, you are able to get back to the surface without dropping everything.
3. Make your shooting line the weakest link. This is so if something breaks you only lose your spear.
4. Think about what you are going to do with your fish.

The simplest, and probably the best, rig is a hardline or floatline. This is simply a length of rope attached to the handle of your gun and a float, usually with a swivel and fish threader at each end. This system is strong, very simple, creates very little drag and gives you a good way to store your fish. The rope used is usually static meaning that you can keep control of how much line a fish has to play with.
Hardlines are however notorious for tangling and sinking (when compared to other systems). This can be extremely frustrating when diving in shallow, bouldery water or trying to snoop.
There are several ways you can minimize tangling:
1. Use the shortest line possible. You only need 1.5 times the depth you are diving (ie if you're diving 20m you need a 30m line) so don't tow a 30m line when you're only diving in 5m of water.
2. Use swivels*
3. Coil the rope up on a winder ensuring it doesn't get any twists in it.
4. Keep the fish up near the float. Sinking fish halfway along your line will drive you nuts.

Ohessa muutamia second hand harppuunoita joita olen ajatellut:

http://www.seagang.it/index.php?route=p ... ct_id=1022
730 egee ovh nyt 660 egee ja espanjassa vähän käytetty second handina 450!!!

450 €
Fusil c4 graphite 116 doble goma muy poco uso
https://www.milanuncios.com/buceo/fusil ... .htm#fotos
280 €
https://www.milanuncios.com/buceo/fusil ... .htm#fotos
200 €
https://www.milanuncios.com/buceo/arpon ... .htm#fotos
200 €
https://www.milanuncios.com/buceo/toro- ... .htm#fotos
Hieno hand made:
Double roller speargun build
https://aoshunspearfishing.com/blogs/ne ... ble-roller

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