7.3.2005 Eritrea, Dahlak archipelago

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7.3.2005 Eritrea, Dahlak archipelago

Postby Maza » 16.4.2005 18:08:11

Last day in this island and huge expetations. Our boat driver told as that he would come at 10 am and we could spearfish all day. All my trip in Eritrea I had spearfished 3 fish so in that point the trip was not so graet succes. But we wanted to have more adventure.

Ten oclock, no boat. Eleven no boat. Middle of the day no boat. I was fucken loosong it. I was doing stomache muscules and shouting really bad words. Aaaaa, I just can not take this. My problems is that if I am really waiting something and if the things are not going my way I am turning for nervious asshole. Spanish guys were taking easy at the beach and making jokes about me. They are right and if I ever come back to Africa I have to change because this continent is ordinary.

Three hours late we saw aboat. Freedom and fishing. Oh my god i said when I saw the boat. It was our boat but the driver was not alone. He was having the german lady who was working part time at the Eritrean Diving center. She was the worst person to be on the boat. We had asked a permission to take one speargun on the islands but we promised we are not going to make big number about it. And of course it would not be good idea to show it to this german lady.

I was so down, huge expetations changed for schaisse! .I was having really nice video material from Eritrea. But I needed just a little spearfishing action to make interesting movie. So we had to do something. What we did was not super elegant. When we arrived rocks of Durgera, I told to the german Inga ” Can you go in to the island for a little walk because we are shy and we do not want change our suits in fron of a lady”. So we landed her and then we started our things. But unfortuanetly the sea was not clear and there was no beautifull fish. So after one hour we picked up the schaisse and we left home.

Coming back to Massawa felt like coming home, sweet home.

After the Massawa we went back to Asmara and we had nice parties. I mean really nice parties. So what I could say in the end. Great trip but thinking about spearfishing it is not worth it. But one day if the situation will be better in Sudan that will be perfect target.
Also there is nice island on the coast of Saudi Arabia but I do not know how is the diving there. So Africa, the mother of.......

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