14.4.2005 Hanko, Finland

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14.4.2005 Hanko, Finland

Postby Maza » 16.4.2005 18:35:07

I was at Helsinki and working. The sun was shining and my working day was ending allready 2 pm. Friday I was having day of so whatta hell, lets go to Hanko.

I picked up our rubber boat "Lobster" from the boat doctor where they had checked out the engine. Everything was ready for the sea.
it was really special day because it was sunny and no wind at all. In the spring time the wind is the main problem in Hanko. Always some wind and current so the water temperature at the coast line or in the bays is not rising. In this time of the year the Trouts are coming to warm up in the shallows.

The visibility was also ok, put any way I knew that if I want to see any fish I have to go in the night because when the water is 2 celcius you can not do any waiting in the bottom of the sea.

Water temperature +2 celcius, visibility 3 meters, no wind,
air temperature + 8 c.

So at the 21.30 at the night I started my boat and I hitted the sea. Just amazing feeling with freezing mirrow water. I never saw the sea as calm in this time of the year. Fantastic! I was having some nice thoughts where to go!

I anchered my boat close to one bay and I jumped to the sea. AAAA..The first 5 minutes is hurting like hell. I do not have any cover on my face-face. It is always the same thing. Pain and the mouth is full of spit. But after 10 minutes I am totally ok. I am using 7 mm suit and under that I am having 3 mm surfing suit. So it is just the face.

Water was too cold and I did not see any living things. But because there was no wind I knew that there could be some action in the shore. And there was!
10 meters before the coast line the water temperature changed for 4 degrees. Also there was a lot of plankton so the visibility was only 2 meters. A lot of small fish and some Flat fish sleeping. I was ready for action. One trout passed me fast, shit the guys are here.

This is no bullshit. I saw 7 trouts in that night. I shooted one 1,4 kg. All the others were a bit smaller so one was enough for me. And of course I was concetrating that maybe behind the smaller ones, the Big Mama is hiding.

So, what I learn again. This is the time to go check out the Trouts. In the beginning of may they are allready somewhere else.

What a night! Only with finnish HC attitude and perfect equipments you can go to sea in this kind of conditions. I am always having somekind of hypotermia but I am used to this. So just beat this!

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