May 2009 at Pyhäranta.

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May 2009 at Pyhäranta.

Postby Maza » 1.6.2009 20:06:49

Finland is very interesting place for a spearfisher. The coast line is mainly from south to north. And it is getting flatter and flatter way up. whta I am trying to explane is that because I have moved from the Suomenlahti to the wst coast it means a new style at spearfishing at Finland.

I think this was best time to move to the west coast. 10 years ago the polution from the factories was really a problem especially at the rauma region. But thanks to eviroment activist the HC Raumas paper factory was changed for a new at 1992. The new factory is ok for the sea. But motherfucken capitalists. The old poison factory was send to Indonesia. Unbeliveable.

So it means that the west coast is definetly now days the best place with the visibility in Finland.

But there is many difficulties. The west coast is very harmfull for the open sea because thre is now many islands to protect the coast line. But I like that. It is definetly more Norway than example Hanko. But like we now the fish in Finland definetly dont like cold water so in the spring you really have to fight for a fish at west coast.

All winter I have been diving at Rauma peoples swimming pool. But now two weeks I have been fishing in the Pujo-Rihtniemi area. The main thing I have noticed that the normal rules of fishing White fish are not the sam here. I have looked from the sea map the normal good rocks for white fish but the movement have been very slow. Yesterday I understand way.
The Pikes are cheafs here. It was amazing feeling to hunt white fish in the super clear water. The best visibility was 10 meters. But what did I saw. Pikes. Pikes hunting in the same kelp I thought that white fish would be. No, the white fish really dosent like the "archipelagos crocodiles appearance ". So I have been looking the white fish more out.

But, then we have the cold water problem. Still this time the water far out from the coast line is 10-12 celcius. The white fish dosent like to come to surface in this. It needs 13-15 celcius. Then they are coming as trouts to have a party at the warm water.

So I have to be meek. I have to respect the new regions costums etc...

But what I know definetly that here "moment" action. I mean that one day all the fish is in one place ( coast-shallow ) then when the wind changes they are all over and deeper.

But I am happy. In these season I am very strong at mentaly and fysically. It is really difficult to beat me this year. And I am not only want to win. I want to win with the style. I dive like Barcelona is playing football. I wil win tri Campeones like Guardiola. And even better I will be quatro ( Audi ) campeon. I will win finnish championships, Nordic and European championships!

Maza, of course Barcelona is team. But there is whole team inside of me.......I am white Samuel Eto.

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