8.6.2009 Rihtniemi, Finland

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8.6.2009 Rihtniemi, Finland

Postby Maza » 11.6.2009 16:04:23

Huh, huh. The wind from the north which has killed all the baby birds effected also to the water temperature. Surface was already at the open sea + 12, but its dropped to +8 celcius.

So once again almost inpossible to catch White fish. But from "Kovat Kivet " Mika karhu Shooted two. I didnt even see any. Bad.....

But, really good practising. Mika showed me also one wreck. Wreck diving in the clear water of west coast is the best practise. Was it Brita something. The top is at 5 meters and the bottom is at 16 meters. Mikas one bottle diver friend saw 5 kg Pollack there last autumn. I am really going to visit there often. I will take wise led with me.

So, 2-3 hours White fish hunting and then to shallow to look some big Pikes.
Shit at Rihtniemi coast I was filming and i saw in 8 meters visibility Pike 8 kg. But shit it realised me and started a swim away slowly. Ok.

Ok, lets hope that the temperature goes up and I will catch some white fish.


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