Fishing at West Coast of Finland 2009

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Fishing at West Coast of Finland 2009

Postby Maza » 16.9.2009 11:06:17

Now just coming from Nordic championships Bornholm, Denmark. The experience about Baltic Sea is even stronger. Baltic sea is very strange sea. One part is connected to Atlantic and our northen part is almost like a lake.

This means that close the Atlantic you can sea sharks and Tuna fish
( remember that the record of Tuna Denmark is 450 kg ) . Archipelago of Finland is gras and kelp and sweet water. Also expecially the west coat of Finland were I am mainly fishing is island ( shelter ) free. So it is the cold sea and then the continent. For fish there is not really place to hide and hunt.
Its mainly because these fresh water fish are acting totally different than southern Baltic sea fish. Denmark they have hunters like Sea Bream, Cod Fish and Mullet. These fish are swimming long distance and are hunting the food. Finland coast we dont have these species. We have white Fish and Perch. Which are living mainly in the same little area. And now days they are really scared.

Southern part of Baltic sea the fish is looking current and food. Here in Finland they are only looking hot water. And specially in west coast because there is now islands there is now place were the hot water could stay. There is always freezing water in the depths. Every time there is a strong wind from the north or west the cold water is coming to the surface and the fish are lost.

But that is life. Fishing is hard every were but I really hope the Cod fish would reach the west coast of Finland one day ( again ).

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