6.5.2005 Korppoo, Finland

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6.5.2005 Korppoo, Finland

Postby Maza » 13.5.2005 21:02:59

One more cloudy day. The sun is so important for all kind of fisher men in this time of the year. But no sun on the sky. We wanted to experiense the super clear water. So we drive out in the open sea. There is perfect shallow place. Two big islands and between them super shallow from 2 meters to half meter. This place after one month and in the autumn is the from the best. But now the water was too cold + 4 celcius.

The visibility was 8 meters which is maximum in the finnish archipelago. I did some waitings beside the stones in 2 meters of water. I did not see anything but it would not help to see some fish because the fish would never come enough close. I was having 90 cm speargun. And doing waitings in + 4 celcius water is grazy. You get so cold and when it goes to your bones you are nor warming. I shooten one nice kampela. after 50 minutes i went back to Lobster and i was super shure that nobody would catch anything. But I was wrong!

Jk came with the smile in his face to the boat. "Dry season is over", he said. Jk had catched the 800 gram trout. He was swimming in the middle of the shallow were the water was the most warm in the area. He saw two trouts and the visibility was so clear that he could follow them like 1 minute. Then he shooted the super shot and he got one. Great!

After the freezing shallow we went to the reed place inside. The south wind from the open sea kept this spot also cold. But maybe the small current was pleasing the pikes because I saw in this reed 13 pikes. The biggest one was 4 kg. But I could not aim well the big pike. In the middle of reed it is very difficult to move the harpoon ( The Latvians are the best in this technik). This place is usually totally out from pikes but now in the right wind it was full of pikes. Strange!

I did not remember when I was as ice stick as after this day!

But after all in the night for the night diving. The fog was so strong that the visibility above the sea was limited to 30 meters. Wuorikoski, Pyli and me went anyway with the boat to the good spot, the same which gave me last time 2 nice white fish. Now the sand bottom place was quit dead. I got one small white fish. Pyli missed one and Wuorikoski did not see any white fish but he shooted 5 nice perch. The biggest one was 380 grams. When we came back we almost get lost in the fog but, some guys which were less under the efect of Jallu helped as back to the home bay!

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