7.5.2005 Korppoo, Finland

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7.5.2005 Korppoo, Finland

Postby Maza » 17.5.2005 23:36:52

Totally fogy day! This is the first time that we have been four days at Korppoo in spring and the sun have really been somewhere else.
Anyway the HC Kampela guys hit the waters.

We were looking the really good pike places. We found this on perfect bay but unfortunatly it was too shallow. The best place for big pikes are the reed places which are deep. About 2 meters. There the crocodiles are hanging. Anyway the guys shooted four perfect pikes for owen about 1,5-2 kg.

Pyli saw one big about 4 kg pike, but hmm, he could not get it!

Then we left with Rapo to do some underwater filming. The visibility was amazing but bad luck when we arrived to the best spot the south wind was rising and it was shaking the sea reed. The digital video camera is really making the water more clearer as it really is. Even the shit from the bottom was rising I did some nice filming. I filmed 15 pikes, biggest 3,5 kg. But because I am having wide angle the pikes are looking that they are really far away in the tape. Next time I have to use some zoom.

So it was great trip in Korppoo even it was super cold.

I was resting the night diving ( having some Jallu with Affe and Pyli) but JK, Köde and Wuorikoski hit the water.
They saw one white fish and Köde shooted one Burbot!

The list what kind of fish food we were eating!

Owen Pike.
Raw salted Trout.
Pike balls.
White Fish pasta.
Owen Perch.
Flat Fish caviar with smetana.
Fried Perch with out the scales.

And the fish in our sea is so good!

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