18.5.2005 Hanko, Finland

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18.5.2005 Hanko, Finland

Postby Maza » 19.5.2005 19:48:54

I came late from Helsinki, but I went diving at the evening because it was so sunny. I went to Stenskär zone which is quit out at the sea. The visibility was great from 4 meters to 6 meters. Wind from the south was strong so of course there was a lot of plankton and weeds in the water. But basicly the water was clear so it was great to dive.

I was fishing in the open sea side (south side) and the water was too cold +7 celcius. I did not see any fish. The fish will come these place when the water temperature is at least + 10 celcius.

When I was coming back to Hanko I stopped in my best night diving spot. It was already 20.30 pm. It was quit dark. The hole bay was empty. I knew that if I would come there after 2 hours when it was dark the bay would be full of Perch and maybe some trout. So it have to be very strong the movement when the fish is swimming with the darknes to the shallow!

Perch are there but I just dont see them at the day time because they are so deep. I still remember when Lassi saw at Dödorens Cup 2002 at Gustavsjärn a lot of pearch. But they were at 15 meters!

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