19.5.2005 Hanko, Finland

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19.5.2005 Hanko, Finland

Postby Maza » 19.5.2005 20:16:11

I was working at the Hankos fish market at the morning. I was helping Tage because her wife was at Turku ( Maybe dancing with Manne?). Then mr. Nurmi came and we went to hunt.

Because yesterday there were now fish at far out we went more inside. We found nice bay between two islands. The south wind was strong and it was pushing the water in the bay. The visibility was still good like 3 meters! The bay was much warmer. The temperature was between + 8 and +11 celcius. Mr. Nurmi saw one big pike about 5 kg. He also shooted one long Gar fish (Gar pike-Nokkahauki). It was very beautiful. A bit bluish. I just missed one fat Ide.

Then we went to Dödören. There was some small Flat fish and we shooted 2 Ides. I also saw one little trout. The visibility was quit poor like 3 meters because the big waves were coming against Dödören islands.

It was a great day and I am shure that Dödörens Cup will be a great!

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