12.6.2005 Hanko, Finland, The record Trout day!

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12.6.2005 Hanko, Finland, The record Trout day!

Postby Maza » 16.6.2005 21:54:51

I drove Milada to airport and then I drove back. The day was so perfect so I was almost jumping to the diving suit. I went all to my best White fish places but I did not see any. So strange!

I do not really understand the life of the White Fish. I know that they are in the same area but you really have to find them. Once change what had happened now is that the temperature in the warmer places has rised a lot so all the fish are hanging close to this areas. So all thhe good places were I saw a lot of White fish at one week a go were empty know. And i think the reason is that, one week ago they did not have this warmer water option. But know they have.

It was allready 8.30 pm when I went to the close to the Tulliniemi beach. There is couple rocks were I met 2 years ago huge trouts. Now the conditions were similar. The first 2 meters in the sea was super warm. About + 14 degrees. Of course in this water the visibility was not the best but there was a lot of small fish and plankton. So I did some waitings in the 3 meters just looking up. The place were I was waiting was perfect, huge underwater rock beside the sand beach. Some how I was having this feeling that things could start to happen! I have to saay that because I am spending 100 days at the year at the sea I just fucken having this feeling, knowledge when the conditions are perfect.

Think about your self. The cold sea of Baltic. Then the sun is starting to warm up the surface. All the life is starting to move. And more I am understanding the Trouts I understand that they are always seeking the easiest and warmest life! I talking about the spring when the water temperature differents are controlling the life. So interesting the Marine life!

Anyway my pulse was rising when I was waiting in the kelp with the underwater video camera in the left hand. And what happened allready in the second witing! The motherfucken 4 kg Trout came super easily from the right side, from the open water side. I realised it was taking easy so I turned the camera on it and after that I shooted. I was having the speargun in the hard charging as possible ans I was having the reel with 40 meters of rope, but still the great animal rip itself out

I could not catch it. I was totally depressed. I went to Tages home and I wanted to have some comfort. But Tage did not give it.

So, I tought I have to still go to the night diving, even I was super tired!

When I arrived the spot the sky was luckyli wery dark and it was small rain. These kind of nigts are the best because then the sky is dark and the underwater light is the most effecktive. So I went to the sea and I was happy because there was still the super hot surface water. I swam all around the rocks and I saw couple of small White Fish. I shooted one and I was kind of ready to go home. Then I decided to do one more round around the spot, and that was a good thing!

Suddenly from the shallow side came two unbeliveable sizes of "white plastic bags", AAArgh, I could not belive my eyes. Two Pig Trouts came to the light. I was taking super easy and I did not do any stupid movement. I enjoyed the sight. I realised that those guys were not scared of me. So I did not do any nervious shot. They swam away from me and I waited. And then the other one turned and started to swim besside me. I was in the surface so I shooted it from above. I just aimed somewhere in the head with my 75 cm gun. Thank god, I always sharp my arrows because now it was very important. After the shot I did not realised what was happening, I just saw that my reel was singing. The 20 meters of rope of my reel was disappearing immediatly. I started to swim after the fish because I knew that if now the rope will end it will get away. So first 3 minutes I was just swimming after the great Trout! Then I went stupidly to panic because I just did not know what to do!

The great silver animal did 4 times this amazing attemps to escape, but I was having enough rope in my reel (40 meters). Then I started to swim closer to the Trout and then I saw it in the darknes. I stupidly was trying to take it from the tail when it escaped far again. Then I was like 10 second totally out, what to do! Then I was breathing easily and putting my self together. I realised that I have second harpoon in the boat. So super easily I started to swim to the Lobster. When I was sitting in the boat I was putting out all the rope from the reel. Then I tied the gun to the boat and I took the second gun I went back to the sea. I was swimming and pulling super softly my self to the Trout. Then I saw it in the bottom of the sea quit tired but still moving a lot. I took the rope in my hand and pulled my self to one meter from the great fish. I did not put light straight to it and in the darknes I shooted my record Trout in the head. This was the first moment when I realised I will get this monster to the boat.

I took the silver fish to my arms and I was crying for happines. Finally!
Thaks for every body! 5,58 kg Putte found its Pappa!

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