16.6.2005 Hanko, Finland

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16.6.2005 Hanko, Finland

Postby Maza » 16.6.2005 21:58:53

All day at the sea because I realised it will be the last hours to enjoy the perfect Hanko spearfishing!

The Dödören area has been quit dissapointment this year. Especially the Stenskär has been dead! I understand that out of Stenskär is cold open sea water and the White Fish do not like it too much, but when I am looking my fishing diary from the last year the conditions were the same. So that was the reason that almost every day I drove to the Stenskär wishing there would be some action. But only White Fish I catched from there was one with Igor before Dödörens Cup!

This day was kind of perfect but in the same hand horrible! It was super sunny, but there was no wind at all. The sea was covered by fucken yellow weed, which some people say it is dust from the pine threes, but I do not belive it. I think is it from the polluted sea because it was only in the first meter of the sea which is allready + 14 celcius. Also the hole Dödörens shallows where full of sea weed from the bottom which were just in the surface. Floating and smelling. Horrible. Also the fresh bottom of the Dödören was totally at the most shitty sea weed. Like hanko now you can only do nice diving in the open sea side. All the shallows are all ready gone!

After Dödören I went to good Låglandet spots but it was super strange. I did not see any White Fish there. I was loosing too much time there and finally I realised that I have to go to the east side of the Russö. There was the open sea and some waves. And all the White Fish of the neighbour hood. I have realised that in the hanko area. The White Fish is always some where. You just have to drive with the boat and just find them!

Now they were in this small spot. Nice underwater rock which was like 50 meters wide. So I was just doing waiting there and looking the action. Stupidly the sea weed has grown so high that filming and shooting was wery difficult. Too late I realised that I should just leave the camera it self to the bottom, with recording mode. I did it and my camera catched on the film beautifull gang of White fish.

I also catched 2 big White Fish when I was with out the camera!

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