17.6.2005 Hanko, Finland

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17.6.2005 Hanko, Finland

Postby Maza » 26.6.2005 15:51:10

I was really contrating for this day because yesterday the action was great! So I went with the Lobster straight in the coast of Russö for this great place. But once again. The sun was shining like hell and there was no wind. So what was the solution: No movements at all. I just saw 2 small White Fish in the whole day!

So what we can learn about this. When the sun is burning and no wind and waves the fish is just not moving. It was funny that in this day not even professionals with the net catched anything. So the fish stay somewhere and just taking easy.

Ok, a dissapointment. Thats way I went to Stenskärs stone shallow and I shooted 4 Ide and one Bream from there. the visibility was great there because there was no wind! I saw by the way White fishes in that shallow just between the kelp in half meter of water. But not possible to catch.

The White Fish have come really much more active and scary when the water temperature has rised! By by Hanko!

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