18.6.2005 Porkkala, Finland

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18.6.2005 Porkkala, Finland

Postby Maza » 26.6.2005 15:54:54

I woke up quit early and I was sad. This was now the end of the best spearfishing season in Hanko. I would take Lobster to Porkkala and I would spearfish next time at hanko at end of august at Hanko Cup. It was so nice to go always in the morning to Tages fish factory and picked up some ice. Then chatting with Tage and talking about the fish. After I went to my diving center and then to the sea. All day at fishing and then after cleaning the fish at 9 pm I took the fish to Tages home. he was having ice for my catch and nice home made food ready for me!

Ok, but now I put the Lobster at the trailer and I was driving to Porkkala.
I met Rapo and Wuorikoski at the coffe place and we were talking bullshit. After we went to checked out the condition of the sea at Söderskär, our favorite place.

Sun was shining like hell and also here the sea was producing shit, the
"Blue sea weed", in finnish "Sinilevä". The sea was not really looking good from the land but it was nice suprise when we landet to the bottom. The visibility was ok, 3-4 meters.

The Söderskär is historical place for Team Kampela because there we started, Rapo, Pauli and me our spearfishing careers at 1996. (Rapo started couple years earlier and we also fished a lot at Sommarö). so always when I am fishing in this island I am feeling super happy.

And this was the best day ever at this island. The south wind was pulling the hot surface water against the Söderskär. So the the coast was full of fish. I saw 20 White Fish. I catched 4 and one small trout. There was so much Perch that I have to push them away from my eyes.

The Porkkalas outside islands are great because after them is only wery deep sea, so even the wawes were big there was not too much shit in the sea. I mean the pieces of sea weed everywhere. At Hanko the wind is always a big problem because there is not enough deep water, so with the wind the sea is full of pieces of sea weed and it is killing the visibility.
So it was super great to fish again in Porkkala. The water temperature was already +14 celcius so now I am just hoping for cold weather to come because otherwise the sea will be this summer like one big porridge!

Rapo and Wuorikoski catched like 10 perch each.

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