1.7.2005 Porkkala, Finland

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1.7.2005 Porkkala, Finland

Postby Maza » 23.8.2005 23:12:32

Rapo, Me and Harri were checking the competition area at Porkkala. Unbeliveable Porkkala. Visibility 4-5 meters in the open water side. This could never happen in Hanko that with this kind of wind there would be this clear water at July.
I saw a lot of White fish and one super huge gang of Perch. In clear water meeting the green guys is experience. I could see all group at the same time. Big ones in the back and small ones in the front. It seems that the Perch are sacrifacing the petit fellows.

Any way great day one of the best ever at Porkkala.

One more thing. I never had seen this in Finland. The day was totally out of wind, and I heard that there have been last 4 days wind from the north. But still the sea was moving like in Norway. Huge waves from the open sea were moving the water. The current between the small islands were unbeliveable. I love Porkkala.

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