6.7.2005 Lofoten, Norway

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6.7.2005 Lofoten, Norway

Postby Maza » 23.8.2005 23:19:15

Stigu and his family came also to Lofoten. Stigu have two teenagers boys so there was some action expected. We left with two boats. Stigus family went close to the shore. That is best place for beginners. Behind the island is place with great visibility and no current. But when you swim to the corner there is strong current and lot of big Pollacks.

We left with Köde and Kosovo Juha to the shallows at the open sea. This was first time to Juha to dive at Norway so we took him straight to the HC current spot. This place is great. There is 100 meter and more every where and then there is a peak wich comes to 7 meters. And what a power the sea is having there. The current is climing up the peak and hitting all its power in the shallow. We can dive there because we can rest hand in the boat. Then we just do one dive and then we try to swim back to the boat. If we can not beat the current the next stop is Island.

This time the place was not so good. Of course full of little fish but the big Pollacks were somewhere else. It is all about the right tide. Best time is when the tide is just starting to go up, then the predators are climing up to the shallow to have some lunch, and the are fucken having a great lunch.

Macrell and great filming!


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