22.10.2010 Uusikaupunki, Finland

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22.10.2010 Uusikaupunki, Finland

Postby Maza » 23.10.2010 11:12:24

Damn the strong wind from the north. The water temperature has go down to + 7 celcius. Shirt. And the visibility was only 3 meters, but place were was no waves it was immediatly 7 meters. Its really seems that the worst wind in autumn is the north wind.

But still I went Kokarit the outside place, and there was still plenty of small fishes, I mean the shallows were full of those little gremlins. And then in the same spont were always was once again the White fish gang. But they really kept the distance so I missed when I shooted. And then nothing. Something is once again happening when the temperature is going under + ten celcius. It just so difficult to see any white fish. And after 6 our diving I was totally frozen. But still I am doing the freediving, qiut easily to 25 meters. I am trying always when it is possible to practise to go deeper. It is very importatnt. And going to 25 meters in these conditions, should be much easier in the warmer waters. I always visited the shallows of Vekara but nothing, aso there full of small fish.

Then way to home some good grass fishing. I saw to biggest Pikes I ever saw at Ugi more than 5 kg. But I was so frozen that I just looked them.

I think in the next weeks starts the night shift!


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