9.9.2005 Baltic Championships at Norway

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9.9.2005 Baltic Championships at Norway

Postby Maza » 13.9.2005 20:07:04

When I woke up I was wery happy because when I looked outside the wind was still strong. I knew that more hard the conditions better for me.

My first plan was first to swim over the little bay and the run at Voksa 1 km to the southest point of the island. But just before the start the wind was starting to blow heavily to the right direction and the current seems to be ok. So after the start I swim heavily towards to the southest island at the competition zone. After 15 minutes of swimming the fucken current changed that it was totally against me. Then the following 10 minutes were really hard and that time I think the guys which were following me were giving up. After I reached the islands it was like a dream conditions to me. Strong current and the Pollacks were up and I was alone. So I just swim forward all the time and I was shooting 1 kg Pollacks in 5 meters of water. After 30 minutes I was having allready 9 fishes. Then I reached the spot I had found in the scouting days. It was a hard cliff 100 meters outside of the surface rocks. The current was hitting staright to it and the cliff was full of fish, more than any day I had been checking it.

So I dived to 12 meters and every time good size Pollacks came, so after 2 hours I was having maybe 22 fish. But Then the current stopped and all the fish were gone. But I knew what to do. I started to dive deeper and deeper. It was amazing when I founded one great stone in the cliff at 20 meters. When I looked down to 30 meters I could see 30 big Pollacks hanging there. At this place I catched by biggest Pollacks 3,2 kg. But at Norway it dosent make any sense to fish so deep so I left the spot and I was looking something else.

At the scouting I had found one under water rocks at 8 meters middle of no where. But I had marked the place well. So It was agreat feeling when I swam to the spot and i putted the mask down. The fucken rock was full of Pollacks. And the current was of so in 20 minutes I got 10 great Pollack. Then I was having 45 minutes to swim to the goal and I was a bit panicing because I was really having a lot of fish in my boye.
But as I knew the current was ending so it was not a problen to swim back. On the way I founded 3 Flat Fish so my first competition day was perfect.

I just can not understad the Danish gyus why none of them came to fish at this spot. Tonny Hansen were fishing with me but ....

So you cant leave me alone in the place like this!

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