5.6.2011 Uusikaupunki, Finland

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5.6.2011 Uusikaupunki, Finland

Postby Maza » 6.6.2011 11:53:01

Another day at the cold open sea. I went almost to the Isokari. A piece of southern Baltic Sea. I mean it is like Bornholm.....

Anyway the great White fish place but it was till empty. Mainly because the water temperature was only +8 celcius. But in the other hand, the algie was allready growing and normally the white fish should be there eating. Also the wind was perfect ( from the west ) but the fish was not there.....

The sea in Finland is definetly living by its temperature. The fish is just following the temperatures. Out side far away from the coast the water was freezing but it the closer the shore allready +12.

I found some nice places were the wind was gathering the warm water. But still nothing. Uusikaupunki is challenging.

Also deep diving practising. Every day at the sea I do also training for the European-Norway. Always 5-7 dives to 24 meters.


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