24.9.2005 Hendaya, France

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24.9.2005 Hendaya, France

Postby Maza » 24.9.2005 21:53:22

This was the first day of scouting the European championship area. What a day! First its been totally week with out wind here, but still what a waves. I went to the area from the beach and it was almost impossible to beat the waves. And when I came back the waves had grown even bigger. I was in the fucken washing machine. Also the beach had changed to nudist gay beach, so it was weird to get out from the sea to the middle of masculin action!

Anyway, the water temperature was about + 18 degrees and I was swetting in my 5 millimiter suit. The visibility was very poor. The waves were shaking the bottom and sand-dust was all over. The visibility was 2-5 meters.

I saw a lot of Lisa and Salpas and some Sargos. Anyway it will be super tuff competition if the sea will be HC.

Honestly not super beautifull diving but once again I think this will fit fo me!

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