9.3-20.3.2012 Peninche, Portugal

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9.3-20.3.2012 Peninche, Portugal

Postby Maza » 24.3.2012 23:45:41

I was once again at Peniche, just 5 months after the European championships. I love spearfishing in Portugal. Big waves and great action. It really have tooked a long time after I can call my self as a "local diver". But now I can really my self, Portuguese....

The fish are totally living in the area were the the water is moving the most and hitting the rocks. You cant be a fraid of waves if you a are fishing at Atlantic coast.

In few days I was catching once sea Bream 2 kg and one sea Bass 4 kg.
Really good catches. I will go again soon!!!


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