25.10.2005 Hanko, Finland

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25.10.2005 Hanko, Finland

Postby Maza » 26.10.2005 18:45:59

Fucken beautifull life! How can the fishing change so much from one day to another. I went to Hamskär at the Hanko west coast. Great visiblity and I was confident. I went to my basic bay and there was beautifull action. Huge Bream and ide gangs were passing me, but the visibility was about 7 meters so they stayed pritty far. I shooted one Ide and one Bream.

Then I went to my favorite Grass. I think is the best gras in Fiinland but the problem is that it is so far out. I have saw there in 6 years 2 Pikes, but today was the different! The strom was bit rising so the visibillity was only 4 meters. But the wind from south-east was pushing action to the gras. Immediatly after I reached the first grass sticks I saw 4 kg Pike, wau. I was having my video camera so I was looking a good angle and the Pike run away. But I new it is going to be good. I was enjoying so much. Warm water and great vibility! I shooted one 3.9 kg Pike and then I went back to the boat to change the tape to my video camera. Then I came back and it was just the sight from the early days of Baltic sea. Visibility 6 meters and huge Pike in front of me. I saw it sop far that I was really trying to find right angle. But it was hiding well so I have to attack it. Perfect shot just under the neck and great battle started.

Yes! Good filming and 7 kg Pike was Anttos!

Then I visited 20 km to Hiittinen Islands and that was a mistake even I found a great diving spot. Amazing grass at the bottom and so, so beautiful! But no fish and the fucken 2 hours back to Hanko against the strom. And then came dark and in front of the Tulliniemi the waves were biggest than ever 3-4 meters and I was middle of them with out the light!!!! And then I putted my video camera to the car and straight to night diving at Essos! Only small Perch and quit sand strom in the HC strom!
Grat day!

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