27.10.2005 Porkkala, Finland

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27.10.2005 Porkkala, Finland

Postby Maza » 27.10.2005 22:26:52

Yo Bum Rush the Show!

At the morning with the summer wheels to Porkkala. Hanko was with out snow of course but mainland was Disney film. Anyway I met Köde at the Porkkala, but Köde was late because his french car doors were frozen. And after the 5 minutes boat trip Köde realised that he have left his weight belt has his "Casa". So Köde was boat men all day!

So we hitted the Söderskär first because the nice waves were still kissing the rocks. But the east storm had killed also the visibility there. Visibility was only half meter. The water was full of shit and dust. I think that the great autumn stopped here. But we saw with Köde two great sea Eagles flying over Söderskär. Beautifull sight!

Then we drove to Sommarö because I thought it was enough out. And there was super ok. Visibility 3-4 meters and water temperature + 9 celcius. I saw 4 White Fish there but I couldnt catch even one. Great flasback came to my mind because I was fishing at Sommarö like hell with Rapo 10-5 years ago. Many times the White Fish was coming from the side and just taking eazy too close. And this happened also today. One nice White Fish was swimming just in front of my mask.

I have to say that Sommarö is the best White Fish spot at Finland when there is at least a "petit" visibility. So nice rocks so different coast, super interesting place and even today with the north wind there was action.

When I was fishing Köde was warming him self at the cottage and smoking the nature.

After we went to Stora Träskö becaus the good bay at the west coast has been safe from the east storm. I saw 2 small White Fish there. But the place was great so I told Calypso Kimi to go there and check out that at the night! Fucken hell. I hope that this boring speafishing week was only because the north wind was blowing because there was too litlle fish. Fucken boring and cold! When we came to harbour with Köde we were so frozen that even Lord was jumping!

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