17.11.2005 Hanko, Finland

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17.11.2005 Hanko, Finland

Postby Maza » 17.11.2005 21:35:13

A-ha. Take on me!

Perfect sunny day and a little north wind. I work the day with Tage and then I left 3 pm out to the sea. The plan was go with the perfect sun to checked out Pikes and then to the night diving. And the day couldnt be better!
First I went to my favorite sea grass spot. And it was unbeliveable. Once again just a little flas what kind of sea we used to have. When I went to the water I couldnt belive my eyes. The visibility was 10 meters. I measured it with the boat rope. AAAA....And you can just imagine what this kind of visibility ment at the clean sea grass. I saw nice gang of Ides swimming, like in aquarium. Then I saw one Pike in the perfect sun. I shooted after swimming 2 seconds closer to it. It was nice 4 kg. Then I saw 3 more but I miss. Finnis sea grass in the november afternoon light!!!

Then I went to one bay. It looked dead, but then I went to the super bottom. I tought there is nothing because the water was really cold + 6 celcius. But whatta hell. The last area at the bay ( half meter of water) was full of fish. Pikes in the mud, Perch-Breams and Ides swimming around me like hell. It was really psyco moment. Whatta fuck they did in this super cold water. I shooted 4 Breams.

Then the sun was already down and there was really a little of light. I saw one small Ide but I didnt shooted and what came after it. Nice, beautifull White Fish. It was so far that I put the my gun hired ( I aimed higher) and, I have to say the best White Fish shoot ever. Staright to its neck. And the water was so clear, that when I catched the fish it was the biggest White Fish of the year 1100 grams!!

I was like this is 17.11 and its already been one of the best fishing at the year and I started the day 2 hours before the darkness, so grazy.

After in the dark I droved to the east side of the Dödören, but there was nothing. Then in the minus degrees to the yesterday Trout place, but even I worked like hell I didnt see any. The water was so warm + 8 celcius and the rock coast full of Herrings and other little fish. Then to the Tulliniemi sand beach were was quit poor visibility 3 meters. One Trout 2 kg swam around me and I missed it, shit!

Then to the Hanko wave breaker. Shit there was in front of Super Fast some boat with was taking the bottom up to the boat ( ruoppaus). Shit one of the best place is gone now because the water have to be very shitty. Anyway the other side I shooted 8 Perch, but only 2 nice sizes. And then all the boat frozen to the harbourg and I was just laughing, what a day and night!

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