7.12.2005 Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

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7.12.2005 Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

Postby Maza » 11.12.2005 19:13:57

I left the finnish independency day from Prag to Rome. But the central Europe so full of snow that all the flights were delayed. So I missed the last flight to Sardinia. So I spend one night at Roma in some weird prostitute hotel from Fellinis movie.

In the morning I tooked fast flight to Sardinia, Gagliari. I was going to Mediterrain Cup, which was organised by Sardinian guys. Nice fat organisators Girgio Sanna picked me up from the airport and he tooked me straight to the harbour. Then with my boat driver for 5 hours scouting the competition area.

But, I saw Pepe Vina in the harbour and he told me bad news. The fucken water were +14 celcius. Mammamia! I was having only 5 mmm suits with me. So I decided fast what I have to do. I cutted my old suit. I took the hood and part of the hands away and I putted it over the other suit. So I was wearing double, 10 mm covering my cheast. If the water in these areas is so cold you really need good suits because going deep and lot of resting in the surface is really freezing.

And of course because the water was so cold, I did not see any fish, I mean all day not even one over 400 gram competition fish. Shit.
All the other competitators told also that they didnt see almost anythging. But I know that bullshit what they say. Especially local Italians. Of course they have great secret holes with plenty of fish.

And now to the hotel to wait Mr. Nurmi!

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