16.1.2005 Mallorca Spain

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16.1.2005 Mallorca Spain

Postby Maza » 16.1.2005 17:37:32

It is hurting all over my body. Day of, just a perfect day!

I was watching K1 from the Tokio dome (Eurosport). It is fucken grazy, what the guys have to do for a living.

I was just playing the best flipper in the world, Attack from the Mars (orginal version). Green monsters are chasing you....

This evening we will have dinner and the competition opening at the house of señor Ballester. This gentleman is the Guru of spearfishing. He has made from his own home the museum of Spearfishing. There is all you can imagine. Everything. If you come to this island you definetly have to visit this place. Was it in Pica Fort, I dont remember know.

I was having coffee with Pedro. He told me about the rumours about the CMAS spearfishing competitions. This year there would be two different European championships. Indivuduals at France, Biarriz and team competition at Portugal. But the biggest news was that the the individual championships would be the shore competition. So no boats. Pedro told immediatly that he is thinking about to skip that kind of competition.
For me the shore competition would be amazing change, just super positive. But in the other hand the sport, spearfishing is having now totally two different sports. The shore start is super physical competition. The competition with the boat is more diving.

My opinion in this is clear. There should be two different championships.
One with the boats and one with the boye. They are totally different sports. But one good result would be that, if the place which is organisiting the competition has boats, of course lets use that possibility.
But if the CMAS is really doing this it means that in Norway is posibility to range a European championships. That would be great!

Ok, I am going to iron my shirt for the evening. I hope you are keeping fingers up for tomorrow. It would be amazing to be inside of ten bests. Lets see...


Postby Guest » 16.1.2005 22:24:12

Ofcourse we are keeping all fingers up. Have a great competition and good luck

A Finnish rookie


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Postby Doc » 20.1.2005 16:28:47

Let's go, Maza!
Show them that Baltics can be also good spearfishers! We trust you!
Go deeper, take bigger!

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