30.12.2006 Milford Sound, New Zealand

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30.12.2006 Milford Sound, New Zealand

Postby Maza » 31.12.2006 3:22:17

W travelled thrue Christchurh-Queens town to Te Anau. Small touristic Lake place with great forest walking oportunities. Anyway I reserve my self to trip to dive at Milford Sound.

tel: (03) 249 9006

The price was ok. Trip with the car and 5 hours boat trip. I was doing freediving so it was 99 NZ $. Scuba guys paid much more. But anyway it was small 5 meter boat, so not too many people. W left Te Anau at 6 am and we were at beginning of the Fjord at 8 am. Great because all the tourist busses are arriving at 9 am. Fucken hell what a place and what a luck. It was a sunny day at the place which is having 200 rainy days at the year. All my trip the Norway and NZ have been fighting against each others. Norway have won at the sea, but the landsacpes and forest is better at NZ. Ok, but this fjord. + 20 celcius and the sea temperature + 12 degrees. But that was the bottom temperature. At the surface the water was + 10 celcius. The surface is having cold mountain sweet water level ( dirty-brown). Anyway, I was diving to 40 minute dives with my 5 mm suit, so it was ok. Because it was sunny. Underwater world was nothing special. Under the dirty surface water the visibility was ok, 6 meters. I was filming with muy camera with out the spear gun. I saw Blue Cod and some parrot fishes. Black coral and strange white sea egg. But it was the feeling to be at the sea fjord in this kind of place. Under the worlds highest steep from the sea. 1700 meters straight out from the sea. AAA.....It was totally surrealistic. Snow tops at the mountains and amazing scenary. We also visit at the open sea ( Tasman sea) Beautifull coast there, with this great weather. But so funny. Not much fish there. Just seals, dolphins and yellow-eyed penguins ( when they are having fuck y fuck time ).

This was my last dive at NZ. Thank to Lord I am living close to Norway. Thank you Thorn!!!!

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