22.1-1.2.2007 Charapoana Island, Marovo lagoon, Solomon I.

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22.1-1.2.2007 Charapoana Island, Marovo lagoon, Solomon I.

Postby Maza » 3.2.2007 7:38:26

After Gizo we gave up hunting super big fish at Solomon Islands. So Joseba fly back to Honiara and from there to meet his friend at Vanuatu. I was tired from super hechtic atmosphere and Reea wanted a chilled time. We took the plane from Gizo to Seghe ( thank god because all the boat traffic ended also, maybe because lack of petrol ). From Seghe with the banan Boat to Charapoana Island. There was a super nice lodge whic was hosted by local guy. In the other islands, Uepi was the most exclussive resort at Solomons, Uepi resort. We paid 25 euro together per night and in Uepi it would be 150 euros.

It was a perfect solution to stay at this paradise island. Charapoana islands is located to the north-east side of Maravoo Lagoon. West side is still a lagoon ( which is the largest lagoon at the world ) and the east side is a big sea with the great drop offs. In the island was living one family and there was one spearfisher men, Chris. So I hooked with him and we did some great fishing.

It was all about the current. There were a passage between Charapoana and Uepi. The Uepi side was not for spearfishing. So When the strong current cahnged to go in from the open sea, it was the time. Then the super clear water came in the passage and the bigger fish came to hunt.
I was diving here 8 days. I would dive more but my tose went broken and infected. And I came a small local hero. The guys from other islands came to see me. And the reason was that, the fish was so deep. All the days I was diving from 22 - 31 meters. There were no fish less than 22 meters. When the current hitted strongly the reef or in the late after noons the fish came more up. But always when I went down they swam deep. I never have experince so much deep diving. But thanks I was having Suunto D3 so I could rest enough at the surface.

I catched one Giant Travalley, Big Barracudas up to 16 kg and some nice Grouppers. Everything went well exept one day when I was fishing by my self with the canoe.

Chris went to other village and I took the canoe and went to fish at the same corner as usually. Every day the sharks has been there and I have lost all ready 2 arrows when the sharks has attacked the fish I have shooted. The style of fishing was that. I went deep, shooted the fish and left go of my gun. Then the Chriss started to pull the fish up, fast.

Ok, I was by my self and I shooted some Barracudas. The shrks came down to seek. But then when I shooted one Reef Trout at 28 meters, and I pulled the fish up one shark came to the surface just in front of me attacking the fish. I really had to hit him with the gun. After several hits it went down. After that situation, I did always like this. I shooted the fish. Gave up my gun. I swam to the canoe, went up to the canoe and I was pulling the fish up from there. That was the best style.

Ok, everything was perfect and life was good. Reea was with me snorkeling and helping at boat sometimes. At last night came one Aussi couple to our lodge ( we were there only customers one week, pretty luxus, hah). They were nice but then they tolled something about the salt water crocodiles. One year ago, one guy was snorkeling at the other passage, just 2 kilometers from here, at the big sea side and crocodile attacked him. With the good luck he made it. I knew that the crocodilas are in the lagoon but they could came so out. Later one local women told me that because of huge logging at the lagoon the rivers are polluted. That why the crocodiles are leaving the rivers and looking places to stay far out. If you dive at this region you really have to ask locals about the crocodiles. Also there is more of them now, because hunting of crocodiles is illegal now by the Solomon Island goverment. Also after the ethnical tension the Ramsy army ( New Zealanders-Aussis) have collected all the fire arms away from the villagers!

Anyway we made it and now the adventure continues to the Papya New Guinea. Lets keep the fingers up for the big fish!

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