7.2-14.2.2007 East Cape, Papua New Guinea

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7.2-14.2.2007 East Cape, Papua New Guinea

Postby Maza » 14.2.2007 5:44:49

Yo another time rush the show!

we came to HC port Moresby at the day time ( thank god ). It is not place for a cream arse people. Ok, we just changed the money and went to Pharmacy. Then plane to Alotau and from there with the track to East Cape ( Kehelala ). Just a little village in the most eastern peak of PNG
( Papua New Guinea ). We made a friends immediatly and next day I was allready fishing with local guys. The atmosphre here is more relax than in Solomons. Guys are making jokes and you can talk about the girls. Peple are more like in to life. Really nice.

In front of East Cape is a lot of islands and tens of reefs. The current is really strong. When I first putted my face to a water I couldnt belive it. I never seen so much fish in my life. The water was boiling. Mamma mia...

I shooted some big Red Snappers and I was looking all the time of the big sharks. But they didnt came. Strange, after Solomons I was so used to sharks. King Fishes, Rainbow runners, Grouppers, Surgeon fishes and mostly Dog Thooth Tuna. Only problem was that it has been raining a lot so the visibility was only 10-15 meters.

First day I was scanning the spots and looking, especially the sharks. But no sharks, great. The local guys go even at the night time to shoot fish at the out reefs. I would never do that. But they say, even at night no problem with the monsters!

So much sardins that sometimes I thought the sun has disappierd. And from the sardins I shooted nice Dog Thooth Tuna 22 kg and two Giant trevalleys. This is the perfect spot, exept the dirty water this time of the year.

Ok, I have been fishing now here 4 days. Its been great. Now I am visiting Alotau and selling the fishes. I just get money to pay petrol. The boat and 4 guys are working free. I teach them the fishing styles and the technic. Here you have to go down at 15-25 meters, but the strong current makes it difficult. Two days I have been diving 11 hours a day so I am waisted. My body dont have a problem. Only thing is that my two down fingers ( toes ) are having holes and in this humidity they really are not closing. Aaaa..If they are super infected, I am coming home!

Ok, many stories but no time to write only this. The guys took me to the great drop of close to the Nokibyni Island. I went to the water at the up current. I was all the time having two guys at the surface to pull the fish up. Ok, I went super down with the current. Pretty dark at the 25 meters. Maybe visibility only 6 meters. I was just floting in the current and enjoying. Then from the dard deep came a fucken U-boat. It was a huge Dog Thooth Tuna at least 60 kg. I knew that I can only get if I shoot to kill. So I swam closer and I was aiming. I shooted from 2 meters staright to the neck. Pam, and the fish went to his side " Yes I thought, I have killed it". I started to go up and finally I saw the surface. I told the local guru Michael to pull the fish up. But then happened the worst thing. The baby woked up. The Tuna started the pull down and Michael get scared and he let it loose. And the Tuna, it tooked down two of my fishing boeys ( the big local ones ). I just saw all the equipment disapiering in the abyss.
No, aaaaa....We all went to the boat and start to fight! Shit! I did everything from the book. I shooted good but still. After ten minutes the fishing boyes came to the surface, but the nylon was broken. Last two nights I have just thought about the U-Boat!

And one more story. Yesterday, my wooden Super Teak Sea gun was having one arrow but the nylon was starting to break. So I change my gone to normal Rob Allen. It was afternoon and I was diving only at 15 meters. It was great visibility and plenty fish down. Then I saw a shark going slowly down. I went down, but what the hell. It was not shark. It was huge Dog Thooth Tuna. I was diving like 10 seconds above it. Whit a joke gun I couldnt do anything, so I was just looking how the big beutifull animal was enjoing at the current. Very beautifull moment!

Ok, tomorrow back to east Cape and sun day we fly to Manus Island. Nort of PNG. There should be a clear water!

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