19.2-21.2.2007 Manus Island, Los Negros, PNG

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19.2-21.2.2007 Manus Island, Los Negros, PNG

Postby Maza » 8.3.2007 9:41:01

From Alotau to HC Port Moresby. Airport at Moresby is the worst palce. I forced my self to Manus plane, but many people with the ticket have to stay at the Moresby. Grazy and one flight at the week.

Ok, at the plane was having some surfers which were continuing to Kavieng. But we stayed at Manus Island. Middle of no where. From the plane I saw the super clear blue ocean, so I knew know something is happening. The airport of Lorengau is 35 km from the city so we jumped to the track and headed at the heavy rain to the city. I was checking some quest house, but when I saw the guys at the Lukuni Lodge I knew this is the spot.

Grazy brothers there and father which have just one month ago shooting the neigbours with the rifle. I showed the guys my spear guns and then immediatly we maid a deal. I would fish ( and picking up sea cucumbers ) and half fish for the and I could stay in their quest house for free.

We fixed the boat and we headed to Hawai Island. It was just 5 miles away from the coast. But the the north side of Lorengau is wery shallow so it was not good. But the atmosphere was the best at the whole trip. "Jamaican style, Bon Marley, Legalized" Its good to know some reggae stuff. I shooted with the one fin. Other fin was at the fixing, because totally broken. I catced 11 surgeof fishes and the guys were supper happy.

Then next day I went to spearfishing in the Los Negros Island, in front of the airport. Shit. Great visibility but after half an hour I knew at this part of the island is no big fish left. Once again my eye spotted the Taiwanis-Filippines fishing boats at the harbour. I saw one Dog thooth Tuna about 20 kg, but it was swimming far away. I shooted some Jack and two Barracuda at 30 meters. So fucken difficult. Always when it is the super clear water the fish are deeper and keeping the distance.

At the afternoon things started to happen, but no super big fish. And some village people shouting from the shore because they thought we were robbing their sea cucumbers. Ok, with the 25 kg of fish to the town and having first party at the trip. Local night club. Pretty easy to catch girls!! Manus island is the best place with the atmosphere, but the4 fishing. Lets see I have to once again travel some where far, where is more small islands and the reefs and the sharks!

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