5.3.2007 Kavieng, Papua New Guinea

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5.3.2007 Kavieng, Papua New Guinea

Postby Maza » 17.3.2007 8:30:14

Just 35 min flight from Manus to Kavieng. Even I could talk as the student discount fair, the flying at PNG is super expensive. One way 370 kina, 135 euro. But once in a life time.....

Ok, Now I have been allready 3 days with out diving because my feets are really at the bad shape. I feels so stupid. I have had this problem much before, but I just let it happend. I was using at Solomon Islands the 3 mm socks. One day it seems that some sand were at my socks and after the dive one tose were out of skin and also the ( jalkapoyta ) feet. They have been open now 7 weeks. Every morning this shit is coming from the wounds. Now I will still be 3 more days out from water but the wounds are not just closing. I have alcohol, betadine and antibiotic powder, but. By the way at Manus I started to eat antibiotics from Doctor Talas because the right feet wer really infected. That is better now. And one more thing. The most stupid thing. At Honiara I was cutting my nails from my toses and my hand sliped and the siccors went under the skin of the nail. Now that one (varvas ) tose is having ( kynsivallintulehdus ) infection and it is coming bigger. I will thank the upp stair guy if these feets will survive the end of my trip.

And the equipments. I have been diving so much that I could never understand how much I am asking from the equipments. But thanks here at Kavieng was one work shop which have been helping me. The gas station beside the Air Niguni office. And this is one of the best stories of the trip!

I went to ask help from this gas station. The guy said, yes I can help you, by the way were are you from? I said from Finland. The guy said, really, my boss is from Finland and he is just living here. What a finnish guy here? He tooked me to the dirty back yard of the gas station in front of the old crapped metal door. He started to knock the door. No noise from inside. He continued knocking and yelling "Ahti here is one of yours Wontoks ( family-relative friends )". After some time some sound from inside. Then the door opened and from the horrible dark, messy and smelling room came this finnish figure. I told him staright " hei mitas mies?" Creature just said at english " what? " I asked are you from finland and so on and the guy just looked up me and was just looking down. He looked so finnish, No thooths, no much hair and a lot of boose. Then he just closed the door and said at finnish "hyvasti". Weird. After one week I met this gas station guy at the streets of Kavineg and he told me that Ahti has specially told him that he dont want never ever to see any Wantoks.
So typical finnish attitude. The guy tolled me that Ahti has been at PNG 40 years. He has been working at High lands, some mining stuff. Then he had a baby with one women. Ahti escaped to the Kavieng and make this repairing com[pany there. He have never seen his son. Gas station guy told me that Ahti is the best mecanich they know. He can fix everything and we respect him a lot, Ok good for Ahti which will not have many years left. I think Ahti has been a sailor at the fiftees. He has been in gargo-timber boat and just jump away from the boat at PNG, what a life!

Ok, back to business. I have found out that the best place around here for fishing is the Lavongai Island (New Hanover). I am really trying to fix a ride there but it is not easy. So we are just staying at Kavieng Club and spending time. Maybe tomorrow to Lavongai Island!

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