23.3.2005 Eritrea

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23.3.2005 Eritrea

Postby Maza » 31.3.2005 22:45:59

Stressy afternoon. Joseba woke up 7.30 am and he went to the fishing harbourg to meet the fishermen. Our idea was like always to go out to the sea with the local fishing boats. In Massawa there was many huge and modern diesel boats so we tought some will definetly take us. Joseba came back with big smile in his face. He had talked with the captain of a perfect boat. 15 meter long professional fishing boat wich will go out for 7-10 days. Captain was wery happy to take us. We would pay him 400 dollars for a journey. Trip of a life time was a head of us. But were are in Africa.

At Massawa there is Ministry of Turism. Captain told us that we have to ask permission from the Ministry of Tourism office and then we will hit the sea. Joseba went with the captain to the office. What a mother fucken point fucker officer was working there. Mother fucker told us, ” Turist can leave the Massawa only with the turism boats which have the lisence of turism”. Joseba told the officer that we want to go fishing. The turist boats dont know anything about fishing and there is no possibilities for ice. ”We want to see the real, local fisher men”, Joseba said. The mother fucken officer did not give us the permission. We were fucked.

The boats which were having the lisence to take turists to arghipelago of Dahlak, we amazingly expensive. 8000 nafta per day (400 dollars in black market – 550 dollars if you change money in the goverment bank). Help, we were really depressed. The journey of our life time was banded by mother fucker.

We met all the guys (4) which were having the tourism lisence. All of them were having a same price. Fucken mafia. We wanted to go to Dahlak arghipelago for 10 days. 10 days x 8000 nafta, halleluja!

We really did not know what to do. So we took taxi to Somalian refugee camp. We had heard that 10 kilometers from Massawa was huge refugee camp full of Somals. First we took all our extra t-shirts and pens and so on with us. Then we stopped with taxi in the local market and we bought 10 kg of rise. The refugee camp was not having any guards or defense, so we just drove with taxi in the heart of the camp. People were looking as and especially me like aliens from the Mars. Somalian people are tuff muslims so many of the females are covered by shal. We were standing in the middle of the croud and local tribe masters were prouching as. Once again Josebas brain was working fast. ” We are working in the Spain with Unisef ( Joseba is doing that ). ”We are having holyday at Eritrea and we wanted to see how is the real life at the camp”. Some strange looks but when we give 10 kg rise to the cheaf he gave as promision to walk around ( good that we came after 4 pm because before that there is some eritrean goverment officers working in the camp ). The sun was going down and my mind was speeding. I have never seen these kind of faces in my life. Somalian children and especilly women and girls were unbeliveable. The perfect race. Long necks and outstanding beautifull faces. I did not know that nature have created this kind of race. What a contrast. One of the most poor people I have seen but at the same time the most strongest faces. We gave to couple breagnent women our gifts and they were of course wery happy. One of them spoke good english and she was telling as about the life at the camp. ” We dont have any medicine, every tent have at least 7 children, all the women are delivering the babes just with the help of another women.”. We saw one young mother who had been hitted by somekind of fire bomb ( napalm? ) . Her arm was totally fucked up and it was still infected. But some how the feeling of this camp was positive. Children were shouting and playing and nobody was dead because of lack of the food. Sun was already down when we left the camp. Everybody can figure out what kind of toughts I was having in my head after seeing this!

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