2.3.2005 Eritrea, Dahlak archipelago

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2.3.2005 Eritrea, Dahlak archipelago

Postby Maza » 5.4.2005 12:55:35

I woke up all ready 06.30 am. Head ache was gone, por dios. Sun was coming up super fast. This was the best time to walk in the island. The sun was not too hot and the light was not too strong for making a video. I was filming the army of craps. Those solders carring the shields to the sea, every morning. Colorfull butter fly was a nice suprise. In the island full of sand and rocks was only 4 threes and some bush. So only to hawks were patrolling the sky. Even the island was hippy it was better to look where you were stepping because I found one old bomb. It was totally rotten but it was not used. I do not know which war it was from but spanish experts said that it have to be at least 20 years old.

Every day in the island we were having same rutins:

Waking up at 06.30 am.
Walking-streching-taking eazy until 9 am.
Breakfast at 9 am.
Writing diary and fixing the equipments until 10.30 am.
Diving at 11.00 am to 16.00 pm.
17.00-18.00 pm. Fixing the dinner.
19.00-21.00 pm. Talking bull shit in spanish.
21.30 pm. Sleep, (no wanking).

One island three guys and one speargun.

Our camp was in the totally the dream place. Little privat sand beach between dark rocks. Two threes were growing from the sand making nice shadow. And these threes were not home of mosquitos (yee, wait a lit a bit). So in the shadow of the rocks we change the diving suits on. Beginning of sea was so shalow that we have to walk first 50 meters. That was one of the most dangerous time of hole diving. In the sand was laying dangerous Rayas. So I was walking really carefully. Later when the water came more clear it was easy to see Rayas before and let them in peace. It was always super tuff to swim 15 minutes in the hot sea weed soup before the coral was starting. But when the coral was starting and the visibility change perfect the atmosphere was rising. Such a wonderfull feeling to dive in 15 meters were the water temperature was only 26 celcius.

So we were always diving as a team, because sharks were around. Joseba was having our only spear gun. Jesus was filming with the guru still under water photo equipments and I was having my yellow box. Now I remeber what Milada was saying before the trip,
” Thank god that you have Jesus with you”. Anyway we really enjoy our time in the jungle of corals. This first long day was the best day. Current was strong so the reef was full of life. I was counting grouppers more than 4 kg more than 20. But most powerfull moment when we saw gang of great old school turtles. They were having siesta at the sand bottom. The biggest was 180 cm long and weighted at least 200 kg. Joseba assumed that it could be more than 200 years old. That is good. The granfathers of funk were really in the sleep. I went beside one and I saw from eye to eye when it woke up. It was funny feeling to see when old cheaf was waking up from the deep dream in the bottom of the Red Sea.

Joseba and I were having a lot of energy so we were always in the lead. Jesus was swimming slowly aqnd once again that was the best style. The place that we were passing he saw the tropical Groupper of 40 kg. That was the biggest fish what I have seen. It was just too big. It could not really swim. It was like a fat cow. It let Joseba wery close so i was having some nice filming. The current was so strong that we could only swim a bit. Of course we were swimming against it.

Then we decided to film some sharks. I trust totally in Joseba so my job was just to film.
Joseba shooted on beibe Tuna of 2 kg. for our dinner. But Joseba let the fish dance in the arrow before killing it. And suprisingly two reef sharks came from the dephts immediatly. My experience from the sharks after this trip is that they sense more the vibration of fighting fish than smelling the blood. Any way I did my job and I could film these wonderfull animals. Sharks are just so fucken cool. They do not give fuck about anything, full respect.The sharks were anyway quit scared. They did not attack the fighting fish. They just made one circle and after they dissapired again.

So in the evening we were eating like indians. Only flames from the fire were lightning our naked bodies, plus full moon which was controlling our movements. Dinner was the spagetti a la Tuna fish with totally too much oil!

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