1-2.6.2008 Hanko, Finland

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1-2.6.2008 Hanko, Finland

Postby Maza » 3.6.2008 14:49:30

The weather was warm and sun was shining. But. Because of the hard wind the Hanko was feezing and empty.

There was not even one place were the warmer watert would have place to stay. But when the hotter places are coming, they are sucking all the fishes.
And I am ready.

In fron of Casino and esso, the water was +8 celcius. Freezer.

In the Låglandet there was a bit warmer water and I catched one nice white Fish. It was really nice. I was hiding well. A bit deeper 4 meters. From the depths came 5 white Fish. I was looking them for 5 seconds, which is a really long time. Then I shooted the biggest. Great......

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