3.3.2005 Eritrea, Dahlak archipelago

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3.3.2005 Eritrea, Dahlak archipelago

Postby Maza » 13.4.2005 18:27:49

I woke up easily at 06.00 am. I knew now the place were the sun was raising. I picked up my video camera and in the noise of spanish snoring I headed for the sunrise. I fixed my videocamera nicely on the rocks and I was waiting. After couples minutes the mother of all the suns were coming up. Fast, so fast that I could not belive it. In these kind of places I understand the power of the Nordic light.

Back to the camp with nice footage and legs full on spider nets.

Always the same ritual. I am trying to wake up the two spanish firemen which do not like to open the eyes. I started my mysli breakfast before them. That is the best way to wake up the latin lovers. They have to get up and adjoin me because there is too little food left. They can not leave me alone with the nutriment.

Once again putting the black rubber on at sauna. It was so hot, hottest ever! Swimming in the hot buble bath first quarter. Today the sea was totally swimming pool. It is weird how the sea is changing everyday. This day was totally siesta for the salty water. No current nothing. Only reef animals were putting they bodies out from the holes. First the visibility was great 14 meters, But of course we were swimming a lot for looking the current. So we swam a lot. Totally south side of the island. After 3 hours boring swimming in the hot spring Jesus saw something interesting. Group of Dolphins were just 200 meters from the reef out side in the blue water. My pulse was rising and I was almost swimming as fastest I can to reach the gang of mammals. Joseba anyway told me with the voice of experience, ” Dolphins are the brain guys of the sea”. ” They feel as allready”. ”They always know when we are close, so it is totally up to them if they want to meet us”. I was having my video camera in the mode of recording. It is not ordinary situation for the Baltic Sea boy to have clear blue water and gang of Dolphins close.
We calmed down. So the heart beats were not so agressive and we were moving like after some holiday at Jamaica with....

But the beautiful Dolphins did not want to meet the guys from the north!

After the disappointment we met gang of Barracudas and Jesus took some nice photos of me when I was diving with the Dr.Albans (rocking dentist). We also met one huge Snapper, at least 25 kg. Jesus took a great photo. I went to shallow and Jesus was waiting deeper. So I was diving slowly towards to fat fish and Jesus was not moving. When the fish was between us Jesus push the bottom of his underwater Nikon. Yes, that photo have to be great!

In the totally south point of the island we saw something different. There was a cliff which went to 20 meters deep. And there was huge caves underwater. So it was not difficult to understand that in this virgin places those holes were full of over weighted Grouppers. I was filming really nice episode. We were diving with Joseba and all over were Groppers from 5 kg to 12 kg. It is really loud noise what theses cows are making when they are escaping to their home caves. Pum, pam and then big clouds of dust are coming out from the holes, maybe they are farting?
Maybe they are friend of hang over Wege!

So this day was anyway a disappointment because the current was not hitting our island.
I did not want to swim back to the camp. It was 3,30 pm when I came out from the water. I took the diving suite of from my body and I started walking thrue the white dream beach. Even the sun was allready taking easy it was tuff to walk with the diving stuff and videocamera + underwater housing which weights 8 kg. When I reached the camp I was absolutly out. I was having hallusinations and my brain was having a pause.

I took one orange. I looked it. Such a respect. How the nature can product this beautifull thing, which is full of taste and enjoy. After the pleasure of king of the fruits I was having scary thoughts. What is the black guru from the diving center is deciding having week of from the work. Our water is counted perfectly to last 8 days. Not even half day more. This beautifull island in the middle of.....Every two days in the horisont there is one boat passing our island. First time I really wanted to go back! And then I came so angry. How the fuck is possible that we are so reliant for the bullshit what the western world is producing. I felt so stupid. But at the same time even more stupid. We people we do not understand how cleverly the goverments and world wide companies are brain washing us. It is super difficult to find these kind of places anymore which are shaking your soul away from the bullshit. I was having fucken mental problems to be with out internet and mobile phone. That is scary! But Por Dios island of Durgan opened a little room in me which is mine, only mine. Hmmm. But who is paying the rent?

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