Nordic Championships at Kristiansund 2008

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Nordic Championships at Kristiansund 2008

Postby Maza » 26.10.2008 20:43:02

Yo....It was nice to go Kristiansund later than usually. The competition was held at 14-16 of september.

It s been about four years that the climate change has effected the Norway coast. And really effected to the spearfishing. When I participated the first competitions at Norway about 1997 the hunting style was totally different.
You just swam at the surface and keep your head down. When you saw a pollack or a cod fish swimming above, you just did couple moves and fast shoot in the head. Almost all the shooting happened from above. The fish was really at the surface. The best guys they just swam from to the rock to the another. It was really a swimming competiton. And what has happened.
The water temperature has moved up dramatically. Its been every august-september almost + 16 celcius. And all way to the 20-30 meters. Of course deep is colder but not like +8 that it used to be. That meens that the diving at Norway has changed much harder. The currents are really strong still and the waves. Last 3 competitons at Kristiansund I have been diving from 12-33 meters. At this Nordic competition I was diving with my good friend and really best challenger Johan mother fucken Vellerup. We were diving all day mainly 15 meters and more. End of the competition I went to the one rock and I was diving 15 meters and I didnt see any fish. Later Johan came to same rock and he was diving 23 meters. He got fish there. Johan is hard!!! Danish dynamite....

This year I won because Johan fucked up his first day. I was behind Jörgen 15.000 points but next day I knew that the fish is only deep. And Johan and me are the only guys who can dive in those depths and current situations.

I really hope one day there would be European championships at Norway............

I really have to put some Norway clips to YOU TUBE....

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