30.10.2008 Rihtniemi + Ugi inside, Finland

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30.10.2008 Rihtniemi + Ugi inside, Finland

Postby Maza » 1.11.2008 20:36:03

I put the Rauma style suit on at the home. Then 25 minutes with the car to Rihtniemi. Rain and a bit wind from the nort-east. Water cristal clear but no fish. Very cold water and no food for fish. Some herrings at the neibourghood. Definetly sometimes the Trouts are there but, it is a bit too cruel place......

Then close to Ugi. At north side of Ugi there is this lake. I mean at 1970`s they have close huge area of sea bays. And now that area is sweet water lake. Ok, some times when at the lake is too much water they are letting it to the sea. So I was diving at one of those spots. Huge current, like a river. Really nice very clear water and bit warmer. Really a lot of Perch. I got one White Perch 900 g. I saw some Pikes and Made. But a bit dissappointed. The fish from Finland they really dont care about the stream. They just care about the water temperature......

What a place and no Trouts or White fish. But I will not give up.

A bit sick now....

West Coast zero points....

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