Myydään - Bleutec Bastard Carbon 75 harppuuna

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Myydään - Bleutec Bastard Carbon 75 harppuuna

Postby martin366 » 7.8.2016 18:38:42

Hi spearfishermen and women :)

Need to sell that gun, i dont use it so much, i like close quarter action more and this badboy is too long for that :)

I just installed new crazy rubber, Sigalsub Reactive Evo 16mm, f*ck thats fast and hard "rubber", comparable to midrange 18-19mm.
Also installed Cressi mono line and Omer dyneema core bungee.
And ofc dyneema wishbone with Riffe 1000lbs dyneema cord. And i will give original rubber also, that was 17-18mm.

Used that gun maybe 4 times in total.

Greece handcrafted gun. Very comfy handle. Masterpiece.
That gun will last forever.

Im asking 290€, not lower or higher.

Located in Espoo. 0 46 939 02 66

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