14.12.2005 Hanko, Finland

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14.12.2005 Hanko, Finland

Postby Maza » 14.12.2005 21:20:09

Today was my 120 day at the sea year 2005. Maybe it was the last one of this year, because the sea started to frozen in front of me.

I was at many places at Hanko. First pretty north from Hanko, but that area the coast is too shallow, so the sea gras is only coming to 60 cm of water. No fish.

Then to the Hangon kylän satama, the place were often Hanko cup is been starting, great I catched 3 pikes, the biggest 5 kg and then I found amazing place. I found an old wreck and there was really big Perches hiding. The water was clear as hell and my blue light was making the atmosphere like in aqarium. Great experience, hole fishing at Finland. The biggest Perch was 500 grams.

Then to the 4-tuulen Tupa neibourghood but nothing. It seems that the fish are at the dusty places were is still something to eat. The super clear water places are really empy.

Great action and tomorrow the fishes to Anttos restaurant! What a season, but I have to say that after Sardinia it was amazing to catch big Pikes!

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