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The Nordic championships at Norway, Veidholmen, september 2002

"The king is coming "I was jelling to my self when I was trying to jump away from the hihgway. King was coming with police escort and I was in the middle of the road. Of course with full spearfishing gear. I am so happy that norwigian secret service did not shoot me down. King Harald is so huge!

Back to the battle of Nordic title. I was coming to Kristiansund one week before the competition. Thanks for Dios I was coming with plane. It is so easy. With car from Finland it is taking about 20 hours. I was in the bad shape because I was just spending my hollidays at Praha with my girlfriend. And you know Praha, you can not be with out drinking amazingly good beer and eating the best meet. So when I came to Norway I was having a Czech passport around my stomach.

At Kristiansund I was spearfishing two days but catching just a little fish. The summer in Norway was the most hottest ever so the water temperature was still +17 at september. That is too much. Fish is escaping to the deep waters and just looking as from the 50 meters!

After two nights in Arilds place I was taking a fast boat to Smolna island where the competition was going to be held. But the island is huge, at least 25 km wide. Ok, poor finnish guy alone in country side of Norway. I took a local bus and I check out one place which was apart of the competition area. I get out from the bus and walked 2 km to the sea. Shit, rain and little swamps. And when I went to the water, the shit continues. Water was too hot. I swam 2,5 km out to the fjorden. I saw one fish. Jee, great feeeling.

I was totally fucked up. I was hitchhiking to the west of the island where was our motel. Mammamia some truck driver allmost rape me!

Anyway the spearfishing situation at Veidholmen did not looked good. No fish in the any of 4 competition areas. Anyway I was practising and swimming without the speargun like hell. One day before the competition I was swimming 6 hours and walking thru the swamps. I was so tired and pissed of. And what the norwigian friends dicided. The competition starts will be under the bridges. Jee, like Red Hot Chili Peppers. So all the practicing useless. But not spiritually way, Goa is there!

At the first competition day was nice weather. Rain and wind, i like that. I hate the sun shine in Norway. It just not fit there. Ok, runned under the bridge and fished 4 hours in the strong current. I did many misstakes. Shooting cod fish at strong current was very difficult for me. Even I have been training at Olkiluoto nuclear power plat. At the winters there is current like hell!

Norwigian jefe Tony Hansen was fishing very good. I just heard all the time, chuk,chuck when he was piercing the cod fish.

After the first competition day I was fith position, behind of the leaders Pasi and Tonny 12000 points. Shit I was thinking. But I knew that I have a change for third position. My situation was difficult because in Finland the international team is selected from your succes at the finnish rankings and the Nordic championships. My finnish ranking was so poor. I was fourth place. So if I wanted to enter 100 % to the finnish international team I should be the best finn at the Norway.

Ok, the sleep did not came easy but I knew that I have to take a big risk at the second day.

Second day 80 % of the guys went again under the bridge, ofcourse another one. I was thinking, what the fuck is this. Fishing under the bridge two days at Norway. No way. I was practising out at the sea with Jukka one day and I was falling love in that place. Only problem was that we havent saw more than 10 fish allday. Anyway I was not a pussy. We swam with Jukka out to the sea and miracle happened. The big pollacks were around the big breaking waves. Jee.........I was alone there with the fish. That is the best thing what can happen to you in Norway.

After 2 hours I was having 20 big pollacks, at least 10 over 2 kilos. The wind was coming up and I was once clever. I started to swim back to the start area. It tooked with 34 kilos of fish in my poje 90 minutes. I was so tired at the goal. I was just swimming back allmost two hours. At the goal I counted my catch. 24 fishes. La vida de Buta madre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My good danish dynamite friends came out from the water. Timo and Thomas! They did not have more than 15 pieces of cod fish and pollacks. I knew I will get the third position at the competition.

Then one car came from the other start area, I was so scared to ask " How was the fishing under the bridge?" " The best guy get 3 fish", said Eero.

Oh, my fat huge finnish ass! I just have won the Nordic championships! I love the sea!

This competition was the most important ever for me. I tooked the risk and it was the best thing I have ever done with the speargun in my hand. If you need to win take finn!

Thank you my friends and I love you for ever!


Sukelluskalastus, Vedenalainen kalastus, UV-kalastus, Harppuuna kalastus, Harppuuna, Räpylä uinti, Spearfishing, Underwater hunting, Speargun, Blue water hunting, Chasse sous-marine, Pesca submarina, Spearfishing in Finland, Utten vatten fiske, UV-jakt